Offices and Logistics Centers

At our head office and multiple logistics centers, we are implementing initiatives to protect the environment, such as the introduction of renewable energy and resource conservation.

  • Introduction of 100% Renewable Energy Power to the Head Office

    We are introducing 100% renewable energy to our new ZOZO head office, which was relocated in February 2021. We have adopted ENECT RE100 Plan from minnadenryoku Co., Ltd., which provides 100% renewable energy for electricity consumption. This plan enables it to prove the traceability of electricity through proprietary blockchain technology.
    Introduction of 100% Renewable Power to ZOZO Head Office in Nishi-Chiba

  • Improvement of Operational Efficiency and Reduction of Paper Consumption by Introducing Electronic Contracts

    From May 2020, we introduced cloud signage, an electronic contract service, as a way of concluding contracts with the aim of improving operational efficiency and reducing paper consumption. The use of online-based electronic contract service not only reduces personnel costs, but also promotes telework and strengthens compliance by reducing the time required for signing and other operational efficiencies.
    Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Paper Consumption by Introducing Electronic Contracts

  • Reduction of Paper Consumption by Digitizing Delivery Slips and Receipts

    As of the shipment on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, we computerized the delivery slips and receipts that were simultaneously packaged with the orders of ZOZOTOWN to reduce paper use and reduce CO2 emissions.
    Electronic ZOZOTOWN Delivery and Receipt

  • Using Renewable Energy in All Data Centers

    We use renewable energy in the data centers that store servers and other products to help realize a sustainable society. Among multiple data centers, data centers that consume the largest amount of electricity use 100% of renewable energy, while other sites also use a portion of renewable energy.
    Using Renewable Energy in All Data Centers


Our services include reusing clothing and developing products made of environmentally friendly materials.


    We roll out a "replacement discount" service that allows customers to trade in products previously purchased on ZOZOTOWN and purchase new products at discounted prices when ordering. We reuse clothing by selling the products traded in within the "ZOZOUSED".
    ZOZOUSED's Sustainable Framework


    In the D2C business, YOUR BRAND PROJECT Powered by ZOZO, provide individuals a full support for the product planning, production, sales, logistics, customer support, and other processes and funding required to launch a brand as if they unite as one. The initiative also develops a number of products incorporating environmentally and ethical materials.
    Sustainable Materials Used in YOUR BRAND PROJECT


Contributing to the reduction of environmental impact through services utilizing technologies such as ZOZOMAT, a mat for foot 3D measurement.

  • Measurement Technology

    In order to solve the common problem when shopping online, which is that customers have no chance to try out, we have developed and provided services for measurement tools such as ”ZOZOSUIT” (※), a bodysuit for body 3D measurement, ”ZOZOMAT”, a mat for foot 3D measurement, and ”ZOZOGLASS”, a skin tone capturing device. We will continue to provide opportunities to enjoy fashion more conveniently through the use of technology. At the same time, we will contribute to reducing environmental impact by reducing delivery for the purpose of returning products, etc.
    ※Currently, distribution is completed. Reduce Environmental Impact by Lowering the Return Rate of Shoes Compatible with ZOZOMAT