Climate Change

Carbon Neutral Declaration

In February 2022, we announced the 2030 Carbon Neutral Declaration※1, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from our business activities to virtually zero by FY2030. By September 2022, we had introduced renewable energy into losistics sites ZOZOBASE Narashino 1,  ZOZOBASE  Narashino2, ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 1 and Tsukuba 2, and also into ZOZO head office. More than ninety percent of our base's energy expenditure has become renewable energy. We will promote the use of 100% renewable energy for the remaining power consumption by 2030.

  1. Reduce GHG emissions from Scope 1 and Scope 2 of the GHG Protocol to virtually zero.
    Scope 1: Direct emissions of greenhouse gas by businesses themselves (fuel combustion, industrial processes)
    Scope 2: Indirect emissions associated with the use of electricity, heat, and steam supplied by other companies

ZOZO, Inc. Announces “2030 Carbon Neutrality Declaration,” Reducing GHG Emissions to Net-Zero by FY2030

Endorsement of TCFD Recommendations

Endorsement of TCFD
ZOZO Group announced the agreement to "Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)" in February 2022. We will continue to disclose climate-related risks and opportunities - "Governance", "Strategy", "Risk Management" and "Indices & Targets" based on TCFD’s recommendations.

  • "Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures (TCFD)" is a task force established by The Financial Stability Board, an international body consisting of several central banks, ministries of finance and more. TCFD declared to support companies disclosing climate-related risks and opportunities in June 2017.

We consider that the drafting and implementation of strategies is effective by dealing with climate change issues at our Board of Directors. Accordingly, the Board of Directors deliberate and resolutes on important environmental matters, including climate change. SDGs Promotion Committee, established as an executive management organization, is chaired by the president and CEO, and acts as a chief executive officer of environmental management responsible to oversee discussions regarding climate-related risk and opportunities, policies and goals, progress of initiatives, and to report to the Board of Directors important matters discussed at the SDGs Promotion Committee.
Our Corporate Governance Structure

Third-Party Verification

Together with Softbank Corp., a Group company, we underwent a third-party verification in accordance with "ISO14064-3​" and "ISAE3000​.” ​The level of assurance for verification is the Limited Guarantee Level. For fiscal 2021, the verification was conducted with respect to greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption volumes under Scopes 1, 2, and 3 and water consumption. As a result of the verification, we did not comply with the "Calculation Rules" and did not discover any matters that were not accurately calculated.In the future, we will expand the scope of verification.

Independent Verification Report

Independent Verification Report(Water)

Climate Change Initiatives

We are implementing measures to address climate change through the introduction of renewable energy at our head office and several logistics centers and through services utilizing technologies such as ZOZOMAT, a mat for foot 3D measurement.

Introduction of Renewable Energy to Our Sites

We are introducing 100% renewable energy to our new ZOZO head office, which was relocated in February 2021. We have adopted ENECT RE100 Plan from minnadenryoku Co., Ltd., which provides 100% renewable energy for electricity consumption. 

In January 2022, ZOZOBASE Narashino 1 and ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 1, our logistics centers, and ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 2 from June 2022 and ZOZOBASE Narashino 2 from September 2022, respectively, introduced 100% of biomass and solar-derived renewable energy with tracking and FIT-non-fossil certificates.In the future, we will promote the introduction of renewable energy at other sites as well, with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality.

Introduction of 100% Renewable Power to ZOZO Head Office in Nishi-Chiba

Using Renewable Energy in All Data Centers

We use renewable energy in the data centers that store servers and other products to help realize a sustainable society. Among multiple data centers, data centers that consume the largest amount of electricity use 100% of renewable energy, while other sites also use a portion of renewable energy.
Using Renewable Energy in All Data Centers

Special section entitled "Let's Learn Fashion and Sustainability with ZOZOTOWN"

On October 8, 2021, we released a special section titled "Let's Learn Fashion and Sustainability with ZOZOTOWN" on our ZOZOTOWN to learn from customers about sustainability. This special web page incorporates the desire of ZOZOTOWN to learn together from the same perspective as our customers, with the keywords of "friendliness", "friendliness" and "empathy". It presents the environmental initiatives of the brands and discussions on the "Relationship between Fashion and the Global Environment" with the Task Force of the Ministry of the Environment.
Special section entitled "ZOZOTOWN and Learning Fashion and Sustainability"

Measurement Technology

In order to solve the common problem when shopping online, which is that customers have no chance to try out, we have developed and provided services for measurement tools such as ”ZOZOSUIT”, a bodysuit for body 3D measurement, ”ZOZOMAT”, a mat for foot 3D measurement, and ”ZOZOGLASS”, a skin tone capturing device. We will continue to provide opportunities to enjoy fashion more conveniently through the use of technology. At the same time, we will contribute to reducing environmental impact by reducing delivery for the purpose of returning products, etc.

Reduce Environmental Impact by Lowering the Return Rate of Shoes Compatible with ZOZOMAT


In the D2C business, YOUR BRAND PROJECT Powered by ZOZO, provide individuals a full support for the product planning, production, sales, logistics, customer support, and other processes and funding required to launch a brand as if they unite as one. The initiative also develops a number of products incorporating environmentally and ethical materials.
Sustainable Materials Used in YOUR BRAND PROJECT

Other Initiatives

Installed LED Lightings at All the Logistic Centers, "ZOZOBASE"

Utilize YAMATO TRANSPORT's Relation Center to Streamline ZOZOTOWN Product Delivery in the Kyushu Region

Cleanup Activities around ZOZOBASE Tsukuba Logistics Centers

Waste Reduction

In order to realize a sustainable society, we are working to reduce waste by recycling clothing through secondary distribution and reducing paper consumption.


We roll out a "replacement discount" service that allows customers to trade in products previously purchased on ZOZOTOWN and purchase new products at discounted prices when ordering. We reuse clothing by selling the products traded in within the "ZOZOUSED".
ZOZOUSED's Sustainable Framework

Use of Cushioning Materials with 100% Recycled Paper

Since October 2020, we have switched to a 100% recycled paper cushioning material from plastic materials to cushioning materials. Previously, we used a cushioning material of plastic materials to fill a gap between the product and the cardboard so that the product will not be damaged during delivery.
We will continue to promote environmentally conscious initiatives while complying with the Law for the Promotion of Plastic Resource Recycling, which will go into effect in April 2022.

  • In some cases, a cushioning material for plastic materials is also used.

Changed Packaging Materials for Delivery to Environmentally Conscious Materials

Improvement of Operational Efficiency and Reduction of Paper Consumption by Introducing Electronic Contracts

From May 2020, we introduced cloud signage, an electronic contract service, as a way of concluding contracts with the aim of improving operational efficiency and reducing paper consumption. The use of online-based electronic contract service not only reduces personnel costs, but also promotes telework and strengthens compliance by reducing the time required for signing and other operational efficiencies.
Improve Operational Efficiency and Reduce Paper Consumption by Introducing Electronic Contracts

Reduction of Paper Consumption by Digitizing Delivery Slips and Receipts

As of the shipment on Tuesday, July 27, 2021, we computerized the delivery slips and receipts that were simultaneously packaged with the orders of ZOZOTOWN to reduce paper use and reduce CO2 emissions.

ZOZOTOWN Electronic Invoices and Receipts

Other Initiatives

Introduced Pallets with 100% Recycled Materials

Protection of Water Resources

Initiatives to Conserve Water Resources

ZOZO Group does not require a large amount of water or water of a designated quality for its normal business activities. However, regarding the management of water resources as an important challenge in environmental protection, it analyzes risks and manages the quantity of water intake and discharge. The use of water is broadly divided into water for cooling and humidifying at data centers and water for daily use at business sites. The business sites consume only the amount necessary for their workplace lives.

With regard to the water resources used in these businesses, we regularly check water stresses at water source sites using Water Risk Atlas of the World Resources Institute (WRI). For data center water source locations, which account for the majority of our own water consumption, risk is Low-Medium and we are aware that water stress and total water risk are not high. We will maintain the monitoring system to continuously watch for changes in water stress, and will take appropriate steps if the water stress is judged to be high risk.

Independent Verification Report(Water)