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Company History

May. 1998
“Start Today Ltd.” was established. Business started out by selling imported CDs and records, based on mail orders from a catalog.
Jan. 2000
An online shopping website “STM online” was launched for the sales of imported CDs and records. (The company ended the sales of imported CDs and records in Sep. 2006)
Apr. 2000
Became a stock company, and changed the company name to “Start Today Co., Ltd.”
Oct. 2000
Launched a fashion e-commerce site “Eproze” as one of the first EC apparel business of Start Today.
Jan. 2001
Relocated the head office to Mihama-ku, Chiba-shi, Chiba from Edogawa-ku, Tokyo.
Dec. 2004
Launched a fashion e-commerce site “ZOZOTOWN”(Introducing items from 17 apparel select stores).
Aug. 2006
Established a logistics center, “ZOZOBASE” (Narashino City, Chiba).
Dec. 2007
The company is listed on the Tokyo Stock Exchange Mothers.
May. 2008
Established a subsidiary company, “Start Today Consulting Co., Ltd.” for the brand e-commerce consulting business. (Merged into Start Today Co., Ltd. in Aug. 2013)
Nov. 2010
Launched the “ZOZOTOWN” app for iPhone.
Mar. 2011
Sold charity T-shirts on ZOZOTOWN for the support of the Great East Japan Earthquake, and donated 353,976,000 yen to the earthquake reconstruction supporting groups.
May. 2011
Launched a global online fashion shopping website “ZOZOTOWN.COM”. (Service closed in Jul. 2014)
Jun. 2011
Established a joint venture, “ZOZOTOWN HONGKONG Co., LIMITED.” with SoftBank Corp. (Liquidated in Aug. 2017)
Aug. 2011
Acquired 100% ownership of “Crown Jewel, Inc.” (Merged into ZOZO, Inc. in Nov 2019)
Established a subsidiary company of “ZOZOTOWN HONGKONG Co.,LIMITED.” (Liquidated in Jul. 2015)
Oct. 2011
Launched an online fashion shopping website “ZOZOTOWN CHINA” and “ZOZOTOWN within” in China. (Service closed in Jan 2013)
Nov. 2011
Launched “ZOZOTOWN” within eBay G market and eBay Auction in Korea. (Service closed in Jun 2013)
Feb. 2012
The company is listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.
May. 2012
Introduced a six-hour working program, “Rokujiro” .(Program ended as of the introduction of flexible working hours in Oct. 2019)
Sep. 2012
Held the first physical event “ZOZOCOLLE” a fashion exhibition opened for the public.
Nov. 2012
Launched “ZOZOUSED”, an online shopping website for secondhand/vintage apparel.
Aug. 2013
Acquired 100% ownership of “Bracket, Inc.” (Independent from ZOZO group by MBO Oct. 2016)
Oct. 2013
Launched the outfit / styling idea app, “WEAR”.
Mar. 2014
Launched same-day shipping services (Same-day delivery also provided in limited areas).
Oct. 2014
Acquired 100% ownership of “YAPPA Corp.”
Apr. 2015
Launched “WEAR” service globally.
May. 2015
Acquired 100% ownership of “Aratana Inc.” (Merged into ZOZO, Inc. in Apr. 2020)
Nov. 2015
Earned the naming rights to a sports facility in Makuhari, operated by the management office of the professional soccer player, Keisuke Honda and named “ZOZOPARK HONDA FOOTBALL AREA”.
Dec. 2015
Established “Start Today Engineering CO., LTD.” (current ZOZO NEXT, Inc.)
Launched a fashion flea market app, “ZOZOFURIMA”. (Service closed in Jun. 2017)
Nov. 2016
Earned the naming rights to the “Chiba Marine Stadium”, and renamed the stadium to “ZOZO MARINE STADIUM”.
Jun. 2017
ZOZOTOWN’s customer support center received the very first “HDI Five-star recognition” in the apparel industry.
Mar. 2017
Established “STV FUND, LP”.
Established “START TODAY USA Inc. (current “ZOZO Apparel USA Inc.”)
Oct. 2017
Acquired 100% ownership of “VASILY, Inc.” (Merged into START TODAY Engineering CO., Ltd in Apr. 2018)
Nov. 2017
Introduced “ZOZOSUIT,” a 3D body measurement suit. (distribution ended in Oct. 2019)
Jan. 2018
Launched a first-ever private brand “ZOZO”.
Acquired 100% ownership of “Colorcle, Inc.” (Merged into Start Today Engineering Co.,Ltd in Apr. 2018)
Launched a new project research team “Start Today Research” (current ZOZO Research).
Feb. 2018
Launched “Personal Styling Subscription Service”. (Service closed in Jun. 2019)
Apr. 2018
Established “Start Today Technologies Inc.” (current ZOZO NEXT, Inc.) through the merger of Start Today Engineering Co., Ltd., VASILY Inc. and Colorcle Inc.
May. 2018
Signed agreements of official sponsorship and brand partnership with a professional soccer team JEF United Ichihara Chiba.
Jul. 2018
Held a press conference “ZOZO BRAND VISION CONFERENCE” regarding the future vision of private brand and new services.
Aug. 2018
Acquired 100% ownership of “Bespokify Pte., Ltd.”
Oct. 2018
On the occasion of its 20th anniversary, renamed Start Today Co.,Ltd to “ZOZO, Inc.”, Start Today Technologies Inc to “ZOZO Technologies Inc” and Crown Jewel Inc to “ZOZO USED Inc.” (Merged ZOZOUSED Inc. into ZOZO, Inc. in Nov. 2019)
Launched a logistics center “ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 1” (Tsukuba-shi, Ibaraki).
Nov. 2018
Signed a sponsorship agreement with “PGA TOUR”.
Feb. 2019
Announced an upcoming construction of a new headquarter in Nichi-Chiba area in Chiba.
Signed a comprehensive partnership agreement with Chiba City and Chiba University in an effort to the development of and generate new values from the local community.
Mar. 2019
Apr. 2019
Established “Shanghai ZOZO Co., Ltd.”
May. 2019
Launched a fulfillment support service “Fulfillment by ZOZO”.
Jun. 2019
Introduced “ZOZOMAT” a 3D free printed mat that scans feet in 3D through smartphones. (Distribution started upon order in Feb. 2020)
Aug. 2019
Launched the MSP (Multi-Size Platforms) business that allows customers to find perfect sizes only with data of their height and weight.
Sep. 2019
Announced the Capital and Business Alliance with Yahoo Japan Corporation (current Z Holdings Corporation). (the company consolidated into Yahoo Japan Corporation in Nov. 2019) Company founder Yusaku Maezawa resigned from his position, and the position was succeeded by Director SAWADA Kotaro, who was appointed as Representative Director, President & CEO.
Oct. 2019
Held the first Japan tournament of PGA TOUR “ZOZO CHAMPIONSHIP”.
Launched a logistics center “ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 2” (Tsukuba City, Ibaraki).
Dec. 2019
Started the operation of “ZOZO” a ZOZOTOWN platform available in China.
Opened a ZOZOTOWN account within an online shopping mall “PayPay Mall”.
Mar. 2020
Launched “ZOZOSHOES” a platform dedicated to footwear.
Established a logistics center “ZOZOBASE Narashino” (Narashino City, Chiba).
Jun. 2020
Launched D2C business “YOUR BRAND PROJECT Powered by ZOZO”.
Jul. 2020
Acquired 100% ownership of “yutori Inc.”
Aug. 2020
Launched “ZOZOGOLF” a zone specialized in golf merchandise.
Oct. 2020
Introduced “ZOZOSUIT 2” a 3D body measurement suit.
Nov. 2020
Announced a new strategy “More Fashion × Better Fashion Tech” and a mindset “Imagine the unexpected. Chart the unexplored”.
Jan. 2021
Introduced “ZOZOGLASS” a skin tone capturing device, and started taking pre-orders. (Distribution started in Mar. 2021)
Feb. 2021
Relocated the head office to Nishi-Chiba (Inage-ku, Chiba city, Chiba).
Mar. 2021
Signed a sponsorship agreement with professional golfer Momoko Ueda, the first-ever sponsorship with professional athletes.
Renewed ZOZOTOWN platform significantly.
Launched “ZOZOCOSME” a platform dedicated to the beauty and cosmetic category, and “ZOZOVILLA” a zone dedicated to luxury & designer’s brands.
Jul. 2021
Announced a collaborative effort to leverage ZOZOSUIT 2, with a professional basketball team “ALTIRI CHIBA” and Chiba University.
Oct. 2021
Merged ZOZO Technologies, Inc. through absorption-type company split, and changed its trade name of split company to “ZOZO NEXT, Inc.”
Announced “ZOZOMAT for Hands” a tool for 3D measurement of hand.
Nov. 2021
Launched “ZOZOMO” an OMO-platform (Online-merge-Offline) that connects ZOZOTOWN and brands’ physical stores.