The largest fashion e-commerce in Japan.
Over 1,500 stores offering more than 8,500 brands.
At any given time, more than 900,000 items are available for purchase, in addition of more than 2,600 new items (average) per day.
(As of Jun. 30th, 2022)

Operates ZOZOCOSME, a specialized cosmetics mall, ZOZOSHOES, a shoe-specialized mall, and ZOZOVILLA, a luxury & designer zone.

Same day delivery services are available in limited areas within Japan.
Gift-wrapping services.
Deferred payment option, “Tsukebarai”.

Since Dec. 15th, 2004


Japan’s largest fashion app that offers unlimited fashion / styling content.
Users are able to post their outfits and search, view and save some of our most popular, charismatic daily users are certified as “WEARISTA”(*).
Over 16 million downloads, and more than 13 million styling posts (As of Jun. 30th, 2022).

・Check Latest Trends from Pickup Tags
The most seasonal trends and arrivals can be viewed from "Today's Pickup Tag" on the top page.

・Purchase items for coordination on official site
Can buy coordinated wearing items from ZOZOTOWN and brand-name official shopping websites.

・Prominents and Influencers Participate
If you follow your favorite user, you can check the latest coordination in the timeline.
As a popular WEARISTA of WEAR certified users, various celebrities such as Model Talent Designers and Influencers also participated.

Since Oct. 31st, 2013

*WEARISTA ‘s are officially certified users who are “fashionistas”.

Multi-size is a new way of shopping for clothes where users select their height and weight to purchase their ideal size.
Collaborates with brands to sell items that have been expanded into multi-size since Fall/Winter 2019.

Participating brands
Audrey and John Wad, Casper John, CIAOPANIC, FREAK'S STORE, FREE'S MART, GALLARDAGALANTE, KASHIYAMA, Levi's, LOWRYS FARM, nano・universe, NATURAL BEAUTY BASIC, Ungrid, w closet etc.

Since : Aug. 2nd, 2019


Online website (shop) for secondhand/vintage apparel “ZOZOUSED”.

Offering more than 600,000 items at any given time, from 6,500 brands (As of Jun. 30th, 2022).
Offers a wide variety of fashion items, from casual to luxury brands with reasonable prices.

Users who trade-in their secondhand/vintage apparel can receive discounts for new items they purchase on ZOZOTOWN.

"ZOZO Trade-in" function whereby you trade-in items purchased in the past and discount the trade-in amount on the spot when you shop at ZOZOTOWN.
"Any time ZOZO Trade-in" function that allows you to exchange previously purchased items on ZOZOTOWN for ZOZO points at any time.
When you send trade-in items, you can sell them if you pack the items on hand that you purchased outside of ZOZOTOWN.
More than 7,000 fashion brands can be purchased by ZOZOUSED (As of Jun. 30th, 2022).
Shipping charges and handling charges are free.

Since Nov. 12th, 2012


A fulfillment support service for e-commerce sites operated by partner companies with stores in ZOZOTOWN.

ZOZOTOWN’s logistics center “ZOZOBASE” takes on various fulfillment operations such as photography, measuring, packaging and delivery for the companies’ internal e-commerce operation.
Partner companies can operate their internal e-commerce sites without bearing capital investment, labor costs, inventory storage fees, etc.
Offers inventory coordination among each channel of sales (internal e-commerce, store, ZOZOTOWN), minimizing the loss of sales opportunities due to product shortages.

Since May 20th, 2019