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Introduced EAZY, Supported by YAMATO TRANSPORT into our services, and launched a new delivery method to reduce the risk of personal information leaks through our package drop service.


In June 2020, we introduced EAZY, operated by Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., a new delivery product for e-commerce businesses. This allows customers purchasing ZOZOTOWN to designate a convenient pick-up location and time for each delivery in advance when they wish to receive products on a non-face-to-face basis. In the "package drop service" service through EAZY, it allows customers to choose the way they receive them as they wish for their own convenience. This consequently avoid multiple redelivering as parcels are to be received in the first delivery, and also prevents CO2 emissions from redelivering. In addition, as the "package drop service" has become more widespread in recent years, some customers were concerned about the "risk of personal information leaks" due to the fact packages were left unattended with the personal information listed on the delivery slips attached. In June 2021, ZOZOTOWN also introduced a new delivery method to solve the issue and improve the service, with the launch of delivery slips using two-dimensional codes issued by e-commerce operators, announced by YAMATO TRANSPORT Co., Ltd. as a new delivery method in EAZY with the aim of eliminating customer concerns and making it more convenient and safe to use "package drop service".

※ Going forward, we will continue to collaborate with Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. to provide highly convenient and sustainable delivery.