August 30, 2021

Reduce Environmental Impact by Lowering the Return Rate of Shoes Compatible with ZOZOMAT


In order to solve the common problem when shopping online, which is that customers have no chance to try out, we have developed and provided services for measurement tools such as ”ZOZOSUIT”(※1), ”ZOZOMAT” a mat for foot 3D measurement, and ”ZOZOGLASS”, a skin tone capturing device. Of these, "ZOZOMAT" is a tool that can easily measure 3D size of a foot with a smartphone. It measures the length of the leg from the toe to the head, foot breadth, and the heights in millimeters, and presents the degree of compatibility with ZOZOMAT compatible shoes sold in ZOZOSHOES(※2). It enables customers to find the appropriate size without trying out. By proposing appropriate sizes for each shoe, the return rate of ZOZOMAT compatible shoes is 36.9% lower than that of non-compatible shoes(※3). In this way, the use of technology provides an opportunity to enjoy fashion more conveniently, and also contributes to the reduction of environmental impact by reducing delivery for the purpose of returns, etc.

※1 Currently, distribution is completed.

※2 Shoe-specialized mall on ZOZOTOWN

※3 Compare return rates of ZOZOMAT compatible shoes and non-compatible shoes (Period: February 27, 2020 to October 12, 2020)