March 18, 2021

"ZOZOCOSME", ZOZO’s new platform for beauty and cosmetics launches today on ZOZOTOWN, featuring curated Japanese and overseas brands.

~ ZOZOCOSME’s TV commercials featuring Yuko Araki, the face of ZOZOCOSME, will also be released nationwide today ~


ZOZO Inc. (headquartered in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director, President & CEO: Kotaro Sawada), which operates the online fashion retail website ZOZOTOWN , is launching ZOZOCOSME, a new platform dedicated to beauty and cosmetics.  In conjunction with the launch of ZOZOCOSME, ZOZO Inc. is releasing its proprietary measurement technology, ZOZOGLASS, a device that captures customers’ skin tone from the comfort of home. To celebrate the launch of ZOZOCOSME, TV commercials (ZOZOCOSME Geeky ver. and Retro ver.) featuring Yuko Araki, the face of ZOZOCOSME, will be released today.


ZOZOCOSME is an online platform for beauty and cosmetics housed within ZOZOTOWN. Its substantial product assortment will include over 500 curated Japanese and overseas brands and a promising product assortment.


ZOZOCOSME brand partners (Selected examples as of 3/18)


ZOZOCOSME’s user-friendly interface offers an unprecedented online cosmetics shopping experience. In addition to search-by-concern and skin type features, advanced product searches such as “Best mask-proof lipsticks” or “Best-selling eyeshadow palettes” are also available, with results being updated frequently.  Since cosmetic products tend to have more color variations than apparel, ZOZOCOSME’s search display will now include features designed specially for cosmetics, including displaying each product’s full color palette at once.


Starting today, a number of foundation products available on ZOZOCOSME will be supported by ZOZOGLASS’ shade-matching algorithm, assisting customers in finding their best foundation makeup match from the comfort of their own home. ZOZOGLASS is ZOZO’s in-house measurement technology that can be leveraged to solve customers’ challenge of cosmetic product color selection when shopping online. ZOZOGLASS’s shade-matching algorithm currently supports over 400 foundation products from 20+ brands. Moving forward, ZOZOGLASS’ service scope will continue to expand after the launch of ZOZOCOSME. So far, over 500,000 ZOZOGLASS pre-orders (※1) have been received and the public response on social media and elsewhere has been positive.(※2)


In addition, TV commercials featuring Yuko Araki, the face of ZOZOCOSME, will be released nationwide starting today.


Brands launching on ZOZOCOSME have also expressed their excitement about the opening of ZOZOCOSME


Estee Lauder Companies Japan President & General Manager  Matthew Growdon 

「On behalf of the Estee Lauder Companies, Japan I would like to congratulate ZOZOTOWN on the exciting launch of their new beauty platform. I’m sure that beauty customers across Japan will be delighted by the new online consumer experience, leveraging new break-thru technology and the wide assortment of prestigious brands available to them.

I’m proud to announce that the Estee Lauder Companies are launching the following prestigious brands on ZOZOCOSME, ESTĒE LAUDER, CLINIQUE, M・A・C, BOBBI BROWN, Jo Malone London and Too Faced.

I would like to thank the ZOZOCOSME team for their partnership and wish them every success with this new venture and most importantly I want to wish the ZOZOCOSME consumers an enjoyable and pleasant shopping experience.」


SHISEIDO Japan Co., Ltd. eCommerce Director Ippei Ogura

「Although Shiseido has been selling “Watashi+ by shiseido” on ZOZOTOWN with since 2017, we have a great deal of empathy for ZOZOCOSME’s philosophy of providing personalized services with the power of technology and would like to strengthen our partnership. BEAUTY INNOVATIONS FOR A BETTER WORLD. Let’s work together (to realize that vision)!」


MASH Beauty lab Co.,Ltd Vice President Hirotaka Mukubayashi

「Congratulations on the launch of ZOZOCOSME. We can imagine the smiles and happiness of the customers visiting ZOZOTOWN. We have also been looking forward to it, and we are very happy to be a part of the journey. We look forward to the success and future development of ZOZOCOSME.」


With the launch of the ZOZOCOSME, ZOZO will leverage the power of technology to solve the challenges of color selection when buying cosmetics online, providing a platform to connect brands and customers.


ZOZOTOWN has also undergone a major site renewal, where the top page has been divided into tabs for ZOZO’s main categories, "All", "Footwear", and "Cosmetics." Each category has a user-friendly interface that will ensure a smooth and stress-free shopping experience. In addition, ZOZOVILLA, the special section dedicated to luxury & designer brands launches today, allowing ZOZO to connect a wider range of customers with brands.


ZOZO aims to reinforce ZOZO’s company philosophy - Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day through the renewed ZOZOTOWN and the newly launched ZOZOCOSME and ZOZOVILLA services.



(※2)Relevant press releases
・"ZOZOCOSME", ZOZO’s new platform for beauty and cosmetics will launch on ZOZOTOWN in March and include over 500 curated Japanese and overseas brands. (January 29th 2021)(

・ The number of ZOZOGLASS preorders surpassed 400K in just 10 days since the announcement. (February 8th, 2021)(

・ZOZOVILLA launches on March 18th(Thu)with about 90 luxury & designer brands, both local and overseas, including LOEWE, Chloé, Dries Van Noten and more (March 10th, 2021)(


Next, we will introduce the main features of ZOZOCOSME and ZOZOGLASS, Yuko Araki's profile and our new TV commercials, and the immediate response after the announcement of ZOZOCOSME.


ZOZOCOSME’s 3 key features

ZOZOCOSME is an online platform for cosmetics offering the following 3 features. 1.Brand lineup

ZOZOCOSME features a substantial product assortment from over 500 curated, popular local and overseas cosmetic brands at launch, including brands that are launching on ZOZOTOWN for the first time.


2.A user-friendly interface designed especially for cosmetics

Customers can easily search for the right cosmetic products not only by brand or item names, but also by user preferences or concerns. For example, customers can search foundations by texture (liquid, powder, cream, loose powder etc), by products’ finish on the skin or skin concerns etc.

※Image on the left:  foundation products that are  close to ZOZOGLASS’ skin tone scan results.


3.Assisted product color selection with ZOZOGLASS

At launch, a selection of foundation products available on ZOZOCOSME will be supported by ZOZOGLASS’ shade matching algorithm (its initial feature). By scanning their skin with ZOZOGLASS, customers can receive a unique skin tone analysis and recommended foundation shades that are algorithmically close to their own skin tone. This service is made possible thanks to ZOZO’s extremely accurate, in-house skin tone measurement technology and recommendation engine,which analyze and match skin tones to product shades. ZOZOGLASS will encourage customers to buy foundations from brands they have never purchased from before or to try shades that are trending on social media.



ZOZOGLASS’ service scope will continue to expand after the launch of ZOZOCOSME, eventually supporting personalized product recommendations for eye makeup, lipsticks, and more. In addition to cosmetic recommendations, ZOZOGLASS’ color-corrected scan results, unaffected by various environments’ lighting conditions, can be leveraged to support other beauty services such as AR makeup try-on.


Personal color analysis

Based on ZOZOGLASS scan results, customers are classified into 4 groups of personal color: “Blue undertones Summer,” “Blue undertones Winter,” “Yellow undertones Summer,” “Yellow undertones Autumn”. Each personal color represents the “colors that look good on someone” based on that person’s overall impression, which can be used as a reference when buying clothes and accessories. (Supervised by Japan Face Type Analysis Association)



ZOZOCOSME overview


Service name



Service launch date

2021/3/18 (Thursday)




ZOZOCOSME special site


Official Instagram




About ZOZOGLASS distribution






Free (Shipping included. Free delivery; end time undecided)


Pre-order start date



Delivery date

2021/3/18(Thursday) 〜


ZOZOGLASS Pre-order page

※The above information is subject to change without prior notice



Yuko Araki Profile


Yuko Araki

Yuko Araki (born 15 December 1993 in Tokyo) is a Japanese actress and fashion model. Araki became an exclusive model for the magazine “non-no” in 2014 and was appointed as the 8th CM girl of the marriage information magazine in 2015. She was cast in many popular TV dramas and movies, including CX “Code Blue Season 3,” CX “Trace,” CX “SUITS.” She also plays the leading role in CX "Motokare Mania,” WOWOW “The Confession of the Sirens.”


ZOZOCOSME Commercials

ZOZOCOSME Geeky ver.



ZOZOCOSME Retro ver.



ZOZOCOSME   Teaser ver.







ZOZOCOSME commercials

Yuko Araki, the face of ZOZOCOSME commercials, will be showing off different makeup looks - everything from gorgeous to tomboy -  to convey the fun and potential of ZOZOCOSME.

In "ZOZOCOSME Geeky ver.", Araki appears in a makeup look inspired by K-pop music, a natural makeup look and many other looks. 

In “ZOZOCOSME Retro ver.,” Araki appears in front of a colorful backdrop in a vintage style outfit, which is different from her usual style. Her cool, tomboy makeup looks and outfits are also a must-see.



Interview with Yuko Araki

I have always known ZOZOTOWN and I always thought how great it would be if I could buy cosmetics on ZOZOTOWN. I myself am very into beauty and cosmetics, so it’s an honor to be appointed as the face of ZOZOCOSME commercials. ZOZOCOSME is a platform for beauty and cosmetics that features curated local and overseas brands. Besides its substantial product assortment, ZOZOCOSME also allows customers to shop the best foundation match to their own skin tone while discovering their personal color.  This new platform offers such a fun and unique cosmetic shopping experience!  Everyone please enjoy finding your best cosmetic match on ZOZOCOSME!


TV commercials release date

March 18th 2021 (Thursday)


Broadcast area: Nationwide (excluding some areas)






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