October 29, 2020

ZOZO launches ZOZOSUIT 2, a 3D body measurement suit, and opens its measurement technologies, ZOZOSUIT 2 and the ZOZOMAT for business partnership.

~ ZOZO's state-of-the-art, enterprise-grade measurement technology can now be leveraged across new industries and applications, going beyond the scope of fashion. ~


ZOZO Inc. (headquartered in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director, President & CEO: Kotaro Sawada), which operates the online fashion retail website ZOZOTOWN  is launching its latest measurement technology. ZOZOSUIT 2, a 3D body measurement suit that can capture extremely precise 3D body scans, is now available. In conjunction with this launch, ZOZO is opening its measurement technologies, which include ZOZOSUIT 2 and the ZOZOMAT, an easy, accurate, smartphone-based 3D foot scanning solution, to third parties to co-create new services.


In offering its measurement technologies to third parties, ZOZO hopes to power revolutionary new services by combining its measurement intelligence with the technologies and unique expertise of brand partners from myriad industries.


ZOZOSUIT 2 is a highly accurate 3D body measurement suit that can generate precise 3D body models with a simple and intuitive scanning process, thanks to a new suit design and algorithm improvements.


Gathering precise body measurements typically requires expensive, specialized 3D laser scanners. When compared with a 3D laser scanner, ZOZOSUIT 2 has an average error of 3.7mm (*1).


The previous ZOZOSUIT was a body measurement suit that captured highly accurate body measurements by taking 360-degree photographs with a smartphone camera. Although the previous ZOZOSUIT is no longer available (*2), millions of body measurements captured with the previous ZOZOSUIT have been leveraged for services such as “ZOZO MSP (*3)” on ZOZOTOWN. Learnings from the initial ZOZOSUIT have helped inform improvements to ZOZOSUIT 2’s scan resolution and accuracy.



3 technical enhancements achieved by ZOZOSUIT 2


1. 50x Better Resolution

ZOZOSUIT 2’s significant improvement in resolution is powered by a 50-times increase in fiducial markers, which enables a smartphone camera to capture detailed information of the body, including the body curvature.


【Increased fiducial markers】
Previous ZOZOSUIT: Approximately 400
ZOZOSUIT 2: Approximately 20,000 in average* (50x)
*Based on average ZOZOSUIT 2 size. Number of fiducial markers vary by size


2. Enhanced Fiducial Recognition

The previous ZOZOSUIT was composed of fiducial markers with 2mm dots, whereas ZOZOSUIT 2 is composed of 6mm fiducial markers that are better recognized by smartphone cameras, enabling higher resolution scans.


3. Increased Fitting Accuracy

Silhouette fitting, advanced body movement and pose detection support a more seamless scanning experience and produce a significantly more detailed 3D model.


Thanks to its superior accuracy and smartphone-based, easy scanning process, ZOZOSUIT 2 now supports fit recommendations for size-sensitive athletic and intimates apparel, as well as routine and precise body shape tracking for fitness or preventive medicine and healthcare. The high-resolution scans captured by ZOZOSUIT 2 can likewise be leveraged for sports, gaming and entertainment, going beyond the scope of fashion.

The ZOZOMAT, which powers highly accurate 3D foot scanning, is another proprietary measurement technology that is now available to third parties.  When compared to a 3D laser scanner, ZOZOMAT’s average error is only 1.4mm (*4). Within 3 months of its launch (in February 2020), the ZOZOMAT accumulated over 1 million orders. This sizing solution allows customers to scan their feet in 3D with their smartphone and to receive shoe size recommendations across various brands and styles on ZOZOTOWN’s footwear platform, ZOZOSHOES. 


Moving forward, ZOZO will continue to develop and utilize its measurement technologies, and work towards the realization of our corporate philosophy, “Be unique. Be equal.”


ZOZOSUIT 2 Home Page



(*1) The result of a 3D surface-to-surface comparison between a ZOZOSUIT 2 body scan and a laser scanner under a specific, controlled environment determined by ZOZO.
(*2) Delivered from April 27th, 2018 ~ October 31st, 2019.
(*3) ZOZO MSP・・・Based on the accumulated 100 million+ ZOZOSUIT body data, ZOZO collaborates with brands to develop apparel items in multiple sizes that go beyond the traditional S, M, L size range. Customers can find their best fitting size by simply entering their height and weight.
(*4) The result of a 3D surface-to-surface comparison between a ZOZOMAT foot scan and a laser scanner under a specific, controlled environment determined by ZOZO.


Measurement Technologies Demo for Press & Media

We have prepared a demo for press and media where ZOZOSUIT 2 will be available for testing. If you are interested in covering the ZOZOSUIT 2 scanning experience, please contact us via the URL listed on the ZOZO Measurement Technology Home Page or contact us directly via the link below.
※ZOZOMAT demo is also available.

ZOZOSUIT 2 Home Page





“ZOZOMAT” is a printed mat that allows users to easily scan their feet in 3D with a smartphone camera from the comfort of their home.













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