Sustainability Statement /
Key Actions

We are committed to achieving the goals outlined in our Sustainability Statement and Key Actions by 2030.

Sustainability Statement

Fashion Connects and Leads us
to a Sustainable Future.

We at ZOZO envision a new era of fashion that will improve
our environment and society.

Harnessing the power of imagination, creativity and innovative technologies,
we will prioritize impact above individual gain.

We are committed to solving the challenges our planet faces
by connecting people, technology and fashion in new ways.

We believe in creating a world where fashion enriches our lives,
now and forever.

Key Actions

  • 1

    Highlight sustainable fashion choices to improve usersʼ experience

    By sharing information, such as the sustainability criteria and production background of a particular garment, ZOZO will provide its customers with better opportunities to purchase sustainable products that are human rights and environmentally friendly.

    Short Term / Labeling of products based on the sustainability criteria of each brand.

    Mid-Long Term / Create a common sustainability standard together with brands, and to provide product information including the production background.

  • 2

    Create a made-to-order platform for zero waste

    ZOZO will build a made-to-order production platform that dramatically reduces waste by avoiding mass production and mass disposal. This manufacturing system will utilize proprietary measurement technologies and various data inputs.

    Short Term / ZOZO will provide its made-to-order platform to select brands in addition to utilizing it for its in-house apparel production and sales.

    Mid-Long Term / ZOZO will provide its made-to-order platform to all brands on ZOZOTOWN and to select users who wish to use this service.

  • 3

    Promote diversity and inclusion among everyone involved in fashion

    ZOZO will actively disseminate information and take initiatives that contribute to creating a society where everyone involved in fashion can fulfill their potential. This includes ZOZOʼs own employees, those leading the fashion industry as well as its next-generation, minorities, apparel manufacturers, people affected by pollution, and, of course, its customers.

    Short Term / Raise diversity awareness and inclusion among ZOZO employees and stakeholders who are closely involved.

    Mid-Long Term / Promote diversity and inclusion by collaborating with partners in the fashion industry and in the value chain to provide and communicate new services.

  • 4

    Contribute to sustainable community development

    By combining fashion and technology, ZOZO will work with its stakeholders to solve environmental and social issues in each region and community, and it will contribute to the revitalization and sustainability of various regions.

    Short Term / Contribute to the resolution of local issues and revitalization in the areas where we operate our business.

    Mid-Long Term / Help solve local issues and revitalize communities beyond our local community and region.