Relationship with Employees

We believe employees are the indispensable basis and driving force behind growth in the future. With the belief that personnel with versatile abilities and characteristics will contribute to raise, develop, grow the corporate value, we are putting in place the diversity management. Furthermore, for every employee to work naturally and the way they are, we also create a system to support various ways of working in line with lifestyles of individuals.

Flexible System for Shorter Working Hours (family time-shortening)

In order to maintain a good balance between your work and your private work, if you need to support people and animals that are recognized as "families" by pets and their families, as well as childcare and nursing care, employees can use the support program from 30 minutes up to 2 hours per day, making it possible to shorten the working hours.

Supports for Child-raising Employees

Within our company where average age of 33 years old and about a half of all the employees are female, there are a number of employees continue working using maternity and childcare leave. Maternity and childcare leave can be used from the period between 14 weeks before childbirth and up to the time when the child turns into 2 years old at maximum.
The rate of return to work after maternity and childcare leave (*3) is extremely high at 99%. In the past two years, 49 women and men used this program.(As of June 30, 2020) In addition, in spring, when many employees return to work every year, we provide them with opportunities to share and exchange information during leave for returning to work. We also host a program called “mama cafe” that allows them to voluntarily participate during childcare leave,to support their childcare and work.

We are concentrating on realizing the ideal workplace environment for working mothers and fathers.

*3: Number of employees who continue to work after childbirth ÷ Number of employees who gave birth during their employment

Company guidelines and benefits for same-sex partners

The definition of spouse in ZOZO's internal guidelines includes the same-sex partner. This enables our employees to receive company benefits, holidays, congratulations and condolences, regardless of the gender of the partner.

Realizing Ideal Workplace Environment
/ Industrial Health and Safety

We are focusing on realizing the ideal workplace environment for employees. For instance, the refresh room at “ZOZOBASE” has colorful furniture and creating a bright atmosphere as if it is not a logistics center. This was created with the mind that employees working at the logistics center to have more relaxed breaktime and foster fashion sense for working at a fashion company. For the office where employees engage mainly in the desk work, creative solutions are devised for smoother communication between employees by take partitions between desks off and secure sufficient space for conducting meetings.
In addition, we hold a monthly “Health and Safety Committee” where employee representatives and observers (industrial doctors) are present. The committee exchanges opinions and discusses by employees taking initiatives for matters such as the occurrence of labor accidents, working environment of each office, overtime hours and workloads of employees and its optimization.