Diversity & Inclusion

We believe that our employees are indispensable and that they are the driving force behind our growth in the future. We believe that personnel with versatile abilities and characteristics will help elevate, develop, and grow the value of our business. Thus, we are instituting diversity and inclusion requirements in our management practices.
Furthermore, we are creating systems to support our employees no matter what their gender (including sexual orientation and/or gender identity) or nationality may be, so that every employee may feel as comfortable as possible while working. We believe every employee has equal value, whatever their lifestyle or background.

Women Empowerment

Our employee composition ratio is 49% female and 51% male (April, 2021).
At positions above the manager level, the ratio is 28% female (April,2021, which is higher than domestic average of 11.9% (October,2019*)).
To promote women's participation and advancement in the workplace, we have formulated and announced our General Employer Action Plan Based on the Act on Promotion of Women's Participation and Advancement in the Workplace.

*average of women’s manager ratio is based on “Basic Survey of Gender Equality in Employment Management, 2019th” (Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare)

Employment of the Handicapped

65 handicapped staff (April, 2021) are working at ZOZO; they belong to various departments, including our management division, customer support division and merchandize control division.
We aim to make our company a place where every employee (with or without handicap) can work easily and in an environment that supports them fully.

Care for LGBTQ

ZOZO's internal guidelines recognize same-sex partners as spouses and offer the same benefits as with heterosexual couples. This enables our employees to receive company benefits, holidays, congratulations and condolences, regardless of the gender of the partner.

Care for Foreign Nationalities and Religions

We are committed to providing facilities, including rooms for prayer, that appropriately meet the needs of our employees.

Supports for Child-raising Employees

Within our company, where the average employee age is 33-years-old and about half of all employees are female, many employees continue working by using maternity and childcare leave. The rate of return to work after maternity and childcare leave(*1)is extremely high at 97%, and 52 employees in total, including female and male, have taken maternity leave in last 2 years (as of May 24, 2021).
In addition, in the spring when many employees return to work every year, we provide opportunities for them to share and exchange information while on leave. We also host a program called “mama café,” in which they can choose to participate during childcare leave, which offers support related to childcare and work.
In order to support employees’ work/life balance, we offer work breaks, from 30 minutes to 2 hours, for “family care,” which can include child-care as well as elderly-care, pet-care, or care for someone an employee consider “family.”

We are focused on realizing the ideal workplace environment for working mothers and fathers.

*1: The rate of return to work after maternity and childcare leave (female)=number of employees who return to work after maternity leave / number of employees who completed maternity leave.