Relationships with Customers
and Partnering Companies

Relationship with Customers

With approximately 8 million customers using ZOZOTOWN, and it is important to actively incorporate the opinions of customers into our service operations. Our customer support center operates under the philosophy of communicating with each customer as if they are a friend who is in need of help; therefore, we provide the best support possible to bring more smiles to our customers. In 2017, we received HDI 5 Star Certification Program (*2) as stipulated by HDI-Japan (*1) for the first time in the apparel industry to be certified as the Five Star Certification Program. We also received two consecutive certifications in 2019. The award was given due to the center’s well-developed policy and strategy, a high level supporting structure with strong determination of its objectives and goals, honest behavior and cooperative supports for any uncertainties of our customers and the ability to smoothly resolve issues. We will continue to provide superior quality of customer support going forward.

(*1) The world's largest membership organization in IT support services established in the United States back in 1989. A number of enterprises ranked in the US economic magazine Fortune and 500 global companies are affiliated with 100 branch district associations worldwide. Hundreds of companies are members of "HDI-Japan", and evaluated by "HDI rating benchmark" for customers service with the aim of improving support services.
(*2) The "HDI five-star certification program" is aimed at companies that have won three stars in "HDI Rating Benchmark" that offers outstanding service from the customer's point of view, comprehensive evaluation of support centers operation and employee management etc. Winning the award will be a proof of the center both internally and externally that can contribute to the business.

Relationship with Brands

With the consignment sales business as the core axis, we have multitude of business transactions with brands. We evaluate fairly the various conditions such as brand image, products lineup, revenue size etc. to select business partners. At the time of starting business transaction, we require brands to make the representation and warranty for 1) products to be supplied are appropriately manufactured in accordance with the relevant laws, 2) no risk of unfairly harming the rights of the third party, and 3) brands have no relation with any antisocial forces.

Relationship with Delivery Company

We completely outsource the delivery operation of the “last-one-mile” which is requisite for eCommerce website operation. Recently in the delivery industry, issues such as labor shortages and an increase in cargo redistribution requests are emerging. However, we have been working with the delivery company to improve customer convenience and reduce redistribution.
In August 2017, we started to offer the service “Receive at Lockers” at the time of placing orders at ZOZOTOWN, in which we are the very first player in the eCommerce industry to adopt it. In June 2020, we launched a service that enables customers purchasing ZOZOTOWN to receive packages without face-to-face receipts by designate in advance the convenient place of receipt, date and time.