Governance Structure

Corporate Governance

We have the basic policy of management for continuous improvement of corporate value and establish better relationships with all stakeholders including shareholders by constantly focus on integrity, transparency, efficiency and promptness of corporate management. In order to realize this, we are enhancing the corporate governance centered on the Board of Directors and audit committees. Regarding the Corporate Governance Code which was adopted from June 1, 2015, efforts for compliance are explained in below. For detail, please refer to the below link (Updated on June 25, 2021).

The Corporate Governance Code

As for the corporate governance report, please refer to the following link.

Corporate governance report (Japanese only)

Internal Control System and Risk Management System

Our corporate governance structure is below.

We have developed and maintained the internal whistleblower system, in order to minimize the damage that may occur to the Company by discovering acts that could violate the law, the internal regulations, social credibility at the early stage, prevent scandals and take appropriate countermeasures. We made efforts to make the system to function properly by setting up the contact points both inside and outside of the Company. The external lawyer will help through the external contact point and established the reporting structure directly to the audit committee which is independent from the top management, allowing employees to make anonymous whistleblowing. Also, we treat the whistleblower and those who supported the investigations anonymously to preclude any repercussions. After the receipt of the report under the management of the compliance committee, whistle-blowing information will be strictly managed and conduct investigations and improvement measures.
In an effort to enhance an organization-wide risk management structure to function by identifying risks that may occur, the Company establishs the “Risk Management Regulations” to take appropriate approaches for various risks prevention and times of unexpected accidents.