Initiatives for Environment Protection

Since more than 90% of our business is composed of ZOZOTOWN, an eCommerce operation for consignment sales of fashion items, it is one of our characteristics that environmental burdens are smaller compared to other in fashion industry. Major environmental loads are occurring at electricity use at the logistics centers and offices, and merchandise distribution; thus, we are putting in place a considerable emphasis on promoting energy saving.

Reduction of electricity consumption at logistics centers by replacing lighting to LED

As one of the “Energy Saving Project” to protect environment of the Earth, we have replaced all the lighting from fluorescent lamps to “Stella -X®LED XW” of STELLASIA LED Co., Ltd., from November 2015 at “ZOZOBASE” (a logistics center at Narashino-shi, Chiba) covering all the fulfillment operations. Monthly average electricity consumption with former fluorescent lighting was 180 thousand kW whereas with the replacement it was reduced to 70 thousand kW. Converting the reduced electricity consumption of 110 thousand kW into the amount of the CO₂ emissions, which is one of the causes of global warming, its reduction is equivalent to 692 tons per year. Since then, we have adopted LED lighting to all the logistics centers, considering the reduction of electricity consumption and negative effects of mercury to human body and environment, which is used for fluorescent lamps.

Initiatives of ZOZOUSED
(* as of the end of June 2020)

Since the launch of this service in November 2016, we have been using the reuse bag, an original purchasing kit that can easily pack and ship clothes which users do not wear anymore. The reuse bags are made from non-woven textile requiring no packaging materials such as cardboard and tape, and are reusable after cleaning. In addition to the enhancement of user convenience, about 94% of all the reuse bags are recycled and resource consumption has prevented by improving resource utilization efficiency. From October 2014, we have started trade-in for item which cannot be resell at ZOZOUSED. Those items are handed over to recycling vendors instead of incineration or disposal. This effort leads to the promotion of recycling of about 4.3 million items annually, and if this number is converted into the CO₂ emissions when incinerated or disposed, it will result in a reduction of 9,232 tons per year. For items that are difficult to commercialize due to smear, taint, etc., we strive to maximize regeneration by cleaning and giving maintenance.