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ZOZO Group Privacy Policy

ZOZO Group Privacy Policy

ZOZO, Inc., its subsidiaries, and affiliated companies adopting this policy (hereinafter referred to as "Our Group") provide various services including internet shopping sites (hereinafter referred to as "Services").

Our Group recognizes the importance of personal information of all individuals who provide their personal data to us, including customers using our Services.

We declare that we will comply with the laws and other norms regarding the protection of personal information, establish voluntary rules and a system, and implement and maintain a privacy policy that includes the following:

  1. Our Group complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information (hereinafter referred to as "the Act") and other related laws and regulations, as well as guidelines set by the government and other norms in the handling of personal information and employees’ data in all our business activities. Furthermore, we will protect personal information by establishing an Information Security Management System compliant with the "ISMS Conformity Assessment System" (ISO27001).
  2. We will specify the purpose of use when acquiring and using personal information and will not handle personal information beyond the scope necessary to achieve the specified purposes (use for other purposes). We will also take appropriate management measures to prevent use for other purposes.
  3. Except in cases where consent has been obtained from the individual or as required by law, Our Group will not provide personal information to third parties.
  4. In the event of complaints or consultations regarding the handling of personal information, Our Group will promptly investigate the facts and respond sincerely within a reasonable period.
  5. Our Group will take organizational, human, physical, and technical security measures to appropriately manage the acquired personal information and prevent and correct leakage, loss, or damage. Furthermore, personal information will be promptly discarded when the legally defined retention period has elapsed or when there is no longer a need to handle the customer's personal information.
  6. Our Group will continuously review and improve the Personal Information Protection Management System in response to changes in social conditions and the environment.

Established on September 1, 2006
Revised on July 3, 2009
Revised on January 31, 2018
Revised on November 29, 2018
Revised on December 1, 2019
Revised on June 28, 2021
Revised on September 30, 2021
Revised on November 5, 2021
Revised on March 30, 2022
Revised on June 12, 2023

Representative Director, President & CEO
ZOZO, Inc.

ZOZOTOWN Privacy Policy

Article 1: Categories of Personal Information Collected
In accordance with the law, Our Company collects the following personal information:

  1. Information related to logging into and using our Services
    • Account IDs and passwords for service login
    • Gender, date of birth, postal code, and email address as account registration information
    • Names, addresses, phone numbers, social network account information, height, body measurements, and other customer-provided information linked to the account
    • Information related to the use of points, coupons, cashbacks, and other services
    • Information necessary for the execution of transactions made through our Services and details about the transactions themselves
    • Credit card information, bank account details, electronic money, payment agency, cash on delivery, and other payment and method-related information
    • Information related to inquiries and communications made to our company by customers
    • Personal identification documents (such as driver's license, health insurance card, copy of resident register, etc.) and the information contained therein required by law for identity verification
    • Other information entered by customers into the Services
  2. Information about the devices used by customers and information collected using cookies, etc.
    • Device identification information of communication devices
    • Operating system information of communication device
    • Information regarding internet connectivity
    • Location information
    • Referrer information
    • IP address information
    • Timestamp information related to URLs visited and browsing time
    • Information related to the use of Services
    • Advertising identifier information assigned to each customer's device
    • Server log information
  3. For employees or those affiliated with our company's trading partners, the following information:
    • Names, addresses, backgrounds, and other information related to employees (including temporary staff and part-timers)
    • Information related to individuals affiliated with our company's trading partners
  4. Information obtained from third parties
    • Information acquired with customer consent from third parties
    • Information acquired based on legal requirements
    • Information obtained because it is publicly available

All the information Our Company collects from customers is provided voluntarily. Please note that if a customer does not provide all or part of the information related to the use of our Services, we may refuse the use of the Services.

Article 2: Purposes for Using Personal Information

  1. Our Company uses the personal information described in Article 1 for the following purposes, based on the law:
    • To allow customers to log into and use our Services (based on customer consent or for the performance of a contract with the customer)
    • To provide and operate services suitable for customers (including but not limited to the sale and shipping of products, billing for service fees, responding to inquiries, managing points, essential notifications for service operations, and auto-fill of registration information)
    • To establish and perform transactions with Our Group and for customers to use the Services
    • To contact and respond to various inquiries from customers who have withdrawn their membership
    • To prevent and respond to fraudulent activities
    • For communication related to services or plans conducted by Our Group

Please understand that in order to log into the Services and use them, it is necessary for Our Group to use your personal information for the above purposes. If you do not agree to the use of your personal information for these purposes, we may refuse the use of the Services.

  1. For use in advertising and marketing (based on customer consent)
    • To recruit, advertise, or market our Services on the Service or through third-party media
    • To send newsletters via email
    • To send direct mail
    • To conduct campaigns, prize contests, and surveys
    • To deliver advertisements on the Service or through third-party media where third parties are the advertisers
  2. For use in product development and research (based on agreement with the customer)
    • For the survey and analysis of marketing data
    • For the development of new services and products by Our Group
    • For research activities conducted by Our Company in collaboration with universities and research institutions (including but not limited to publication in academic papers and research presentations)
  3. For use in the management of employees, etc. (for the performance of a contract or to fulfill legal obligations)
    • For recruitment, labor management, and management of former employees and other labor management within Our Company
    • For the management of information related to trading partners

Article 3: Consent for the Provision of Personal Information
Our Company will provide personal information to third parties in cases permitted by law or with the consent of the customer. In the following cases, Our Company will provide personal information to third parties as necessary:

  1. When it is necessary to provide or improve the quality of Services
  2. When necessary for the consideration and development of new services
  3. When providing personal information to academic research institutions, organizations, or individuals belonging to them for academic research purposes

Please note that Our Company entrusts the handling of personal information to third parties overseas as follows:

  • Name of the foreign country: State of California, United States
  • Information about the system for the protection of personal information in the foreign country: California Consumer Privacy Act
  • Existence of information that can serve as an indicator of the system for the protection of personal information in the foreign country: APEC's CBPR System, joined on July 25, 2012

The entrusted parties generally take measures at the same level as required for personal information handlers in Japan, however, they do not handle complaints about the handling of personal data (Principle 8 of OECD principles). Therefore, Our Company will handle any complaints.

Moreover, Our Company stores personal data in the United States after understanding the system for the protection of personal information in the United States and implementing safety management measures.

In addition, Our Company may entrust the handling of personal information to third parties when necessary to provide services to customers, after conducting necessary and appropriate supervision over the contractors.

Article 4: Joint Use of Personal Information
Our Group will jointly use personal information as follows:

  1. Categories of personal information to be jointly used
    Items listed in Article 1
  2. Range of persons who will jointly use the information
    Each company within Our Group
    Please refer here for companies within Our Group. However, for overseas corporations, this Privacy Policy applies to the extent that it does not conflict with applicable local laws.
  3. Purpose for the users
    The purposes listed in Article 2
  4. Person responsible for the management of jointly used personal information
    ZOZO, Inc.

Article 5: Changes to This Privacy Policy
In order to appropriately use personal information and thoroughly protect it, Our Company may revise all or part of this Privacy Policy. In the event of significant changes, notification will be given after announcing the effective date.

Article 6: Use of Cookies and External Transmission of Data

  1. Our Company's Services use cookies and other device identifiers to collect and use information about customers for the purpose of analyzing browsing information and providing services, information, and advertisements suitable for individual customers, and also transmit this information to external service providers.
  2. For more detailed information about the names and services of external service providers, the content of user information transmitted to them, and the purpose of using the transmitted information, please see our Cookie Policy and External Transmission of User Information.

Article 7: Procedures for Disclosure, Correction, etc.
Our Company accepts requests from individuals for the disclosure of personal information subject to disclosure, disclosure of records provided to third parties, notification of the purpose of use, correction, etc., when the content of personal information subject to disclosure is contrary to fact, suspension of use, and suspension of provision to third parties (hereinafter referred to as "Disclosure, etc.").

  1. How to apply for Disclosure, etc.
    If you are requesting by mail, please send the prescribed request form along with the necessary documents to the address specified in Article 8.
  2. What to submit
    1. Notification of personal information use purpose/disclosure request form
    2. Personal information correction request form
    3. Personal information use suspension request form
    4. Documents for identity verification (such as a driver's license, passport, etc.)
    5. In the case of a legal representative, in addition to the above (4), documents confirming the authority of legal representation
    6. In the case of a voluntary agent, in addition to the above (4), the Company's prescribed letter of attorney and the individual's certificate of registered seal

(*) Please submit the above documents with sensitive information such as place of domicile blacked out in advance. If they are not blacked out when received by Our Company, we will black out such information to ensure it is not acquired.

  1. Fee
    For the above requests, a fee of 1,000 yen per request will be charged for disclosure requests and notification of the purpose of use, so please be aware in advance. In the case of requests by mail, the fee will be collected by transfer or other means.
    For specific procedures for requests for Disclosure, etc., please contact the office specified in Article 8.

Article 8: Inquiries, Complaints, etc. Regarding the Handling of Personal Information
If you have any inquiries, complaints, or objections regarding the handling of personal information by Our Company, please contact the following office. Also, please note that customer consent can be withdrawn at any time.

[Contact for Personal Information Inquiries]

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