Cookie Policy

The websites and services of ZOZO, Inc. and its subsidiary and affiliated companies that adopt the Privacy Policy of ZOZO, Inc. (the “ZOZO Group”) use cookies to analyze how user browse our websites and services, and provide services, information, advertising, and other content suited to individual users. This Cookie Policy (the “Policy”) describes details regarding cookies (defined below) managed or placed by the ZOZO Group or third parties that are in alliance with the ZOZO Group on websites and services of the ZOZO Group, as well as how users can refuse those cookies.

1. What are cookies

Cookies are files saved on users' devices (such as computers and mobile devices) that contain data on the content used by users when accessing websites and services (including web beacons and similar technologies). The data in cookies cannot be used to identify users' personal information.
There are two kinds of cookies. One is placed to enable users to use functions provided on a website or service of the ZOZO Group, and the other is set up by a third party that is in alliance with the ZOZO Group companies. While users may configure their web browsers to reject cookies, please note that rejecting cookies may result in restrictions when using our services.

2. Purposes of use of cookies

(1)Cookies saved to users' devices are used to identify the devices and provide services and other content whenever users access the Company’s websites and services. Cookies make it more convenient to users by eliminating the need to enter the same information repeatedly.

(2)The Company may use information collected using cookies to analyze the state of website use by users (e.g., access conditions, traffic, and routing) in order to enhance and improve websites and services. The Company uses Google Analytics in such analysis. See the following webpage provided by Google concerning the Google Analytics data collection and processing system.

(3)The ZOZO Group uses KARTE to improve services and provide a chat function. You can confirm in what way your data are collected and processed by KARTE on this page provided by PLAID, Inc.

(4)In addition to the above purposes, each group company will use cookie information collected by the ZOZO Group within the scope of the purposes of use set forth in the Privacy Policy.

3. How to reject cookies

①How to reject all cookies

You can reject cookies by changing your browser settings. However, please note that if cookies are rejected, you might not be able to use some website features, some pages might not display correctly, or you might not be able to use some of the services of the ZOZO Group. Please check with your browser's provider if you would like to change its cookies settings. See the URLs below concerning some widely-used browsers.

Apple Safari (Mac) (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch)

Google Chrome
Microsoft Internet Explorer

Mozilla Firefox

You may need to reject cookies again in cases such as when changing browsers, deleting cookies and related files, or switching to other computers or mobile devices.

②Cookies issued by third party

Information about your behavior on the ZOZO Group’s website or third-party media (access status, traffic, routing, etc.) may be collected and used through cookies issued by a third party that is in alliance with the ZOZO Group. Please contact each company for information on how to stop providing your information to ad-serving service providers. The information is also available on the following URLs provided by the major partner companies.


Yahoo! JAPAN



Treasure Data

ValueCommerce Co., Ltd.

③How to block advertisements delivered using an advertising identifier

The ZOZO Group obtains and uses advertising identifiers (identifiers installed on smartphones and other devices, such as Apple's Identification for Advertisers [IDFA] and Google's Google Advertising ID [ADID]) of users who use the services of the ZOZO Group on smartphones and other devices. Check with each company regarding how to suspend provision of information using advertising identifiers. You also can check such information on the following URLs of major companies.

Apple Inc. Support Page

Google Play Help