Press Release

ZOZO's first physical store "niaulab by ZOZO" opens by appointment-only today on December 16th, alongside applications for an appointment!

December 16, 2022

Press Release

ZOZO's first physical store "niaulab by ZOZO" opens by appointment-only today on December 16th, alongside applications for an appointment!

~ Providing the ultimate personalized-styling service by a hybrid of ZOZO’s unique AI and the expertise of professional stylists, as an experimental store to explore “your style.” ~

ZOZO, Inc. (headquartered in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director, President & CEO: SAWADA Kotaro), which operates the fashion e-commerce ZOZOTOWN, announces the opening of its first-ever physical store (*1), where provides an opportunity to find “your style” through the ultimate personalized-styling service “niaulab by ZOZO” (hereinafter referred to as “niaulab”) on Friday, December 16th in Omotesando, Tokyo under the concept of “it makes you smile when you find your style.” (*2) niaulab will be an experimental physical store that does not sell clothing but offers exclusive experiences free of charge with the entire store space reserved only for one customer with a time slot of more than two hours, to explore each customer’s style. niaulab offers the service by appointment-only, and application for appointments for February slots opens today on December 16th. Going forward, the application opens on the first day of every month, for an upcoming month.

niaulab is a space allowing customers to meet their style, built under the concept “Step into a fitting room.” niaulab has a fitting room placed in the center of the store, which also serves as the core of the experience, and each area is parted with semi-transparent colorful curtains, which shows different colors with viewing angles. Colors made up of layering of the curtains express that “style” is a diverse and unlimited concept. Store exterior is designed to conceal the inside and keep the customer's experience fully private, which will help them to immerse themselves in exploring their styles.

ZOZO added a new phrase “Explore your style. Make you delighted.” to its management strategy in May this year, which marks ZOZO’s 25th anniversary of foundation, as ZOZO believes that exploring and interpreting “style” is the key to increasing the company's growth and fulfilling customer needs. ZOZO aims to collect a variety of knowledge that can only be obtained in physical opportunities, such as outfit advice by niaulab AI, styling advising by professional stylists, customer’s concerns about fashion and actual purchases made after the experience. Henceforth, the knowledge brought by niaulab will be leveraged on ZOZOTOWN, WEAR and other services and improve the convenience of services, such by enabling styling recommendations for each customer.

ZOZO will deliver delightful styles to all fashion enthusiasts, and evolve ZOZO to the place “for” fashion, from the place “to buy” fashion. And working towards realizing our corporate philosophy, "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day."


En_niaulab_1216_3.jpegCounseling & Fitting room

En_niaulab_1216_2.jpegTops & Bottoms area

En_niaulab_1216_4.jpegHair & Makeup room

Three features of niaulab

1. Exclusive experience with the entire space fully reserved only for one customer with a time slot of two hours and more.
The physical store in Omotesando, with the concept “Step into a fitting room” welcomes customers with a curation of 700 items and more from ZOZOTOWN every day and anytime, to provide a new style. The store opens with a time slot of more than two hours for one customer only by reservation. The service sequence goes from a professional stylist working on personal styling, makeup and a photoshoot by professionals as well, and the customer leaves the store with a photo and a little card with styling tips written. All of these exclusive services are offered free of charge.

2. Outfit advice by ZOZO’s unique niaulab AI
niaulab AI constructed and learned from approximately 13 million outfits on the outfit-sharing app “WEAR” advises and displays three outfits on Smart Mirrors for customers’ preference estimated based on the results of a short form filled out prior to visit. While referencing those outfit proposals, customers determine their ideals together with a stylist and makeup artist. niaulab AI utilizes research by ZOZO Research (*3).

3. Styling by a professional stylist
Professional stylists rich in experience in prints and advertisements, offer three stylings using items from 700 items and more highly curated from ZOZOTOWN. niaulab explores customers’ style by a hybrid of niaulab AI’s technology and expertise of the stylist.

(*1) The first store opening apart from temporary stores such as pop-up stores.

(*2) Press release on 9th November “ZOZO opens its first-ever physical store in Omotesando, with ultimate personalized-styling service "niaulab by ZOZO" (

(*3) A research institute for quantifying and scientifically exploring fashion, founded in 2018 with a mission “To quantify fashion”

Steps of an experience at niaulab

1.  Apply for an appointment through LINE account
2.  Selected customers are required to fill out a short form beforehand their designated appointment
3.  Professional stylist offers three stylings while referencing three images of outfits proposed by niaulab AI
4.  Choose a favorite styling out of three offered, and have hair and makeup done by a professional
5.  Have a photoshoot with a photographer
6.  Cards with styling tips written, photos and a little bag of souvenirs are handed out at the end of a session


About ultimate personalized-styling service “niaulab by ZOZO”

niaulab by ZOZO

Ultimate personalized-styling service offering exclusive experiences by a hybrid of niaulab AI and the expertise of professional stylists.

Espoir Omotesando building 1st basement, Jingumae 4-25-15, Shibuya, Tokyo.



Opening date
Friday, December 16th, 2022

Start date of applications for appointment
Friday, December 16th, 2022

Start date of the service
Wednesday, February 1st, 2023

*The service is available for customers over the age of 18


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