Press Release

ZOZO Announces the Debut of ZOZOFIT’s Body Measurement System: Launching Summer 2022 in the United States

April 27, 2022

Press Release

ZOZO Announces the Debut of ZOZOFIT’s Body Measurement System: Launching Summer 2022 in the United States

ZOZO, Inc. (headquartered in Chiba City, Chiba Prefecture, Representative Director, President & CEO: SAWADA Kotaro), which operates the fashion e-commerce site ZOZOTOWN, announces ZOZOFIT, a new body management service. This service supports individuals with tracking their fitness, weight loss and body transformation progress by leveraging the ZOZOSUIT(*1) for 3D body measuring. This is the first non-apparel offering utilizing the ZOZOSUIT technology and is scheduled to launch in the U.S. this summer.

To date, ZOZO has provided measurement tools such as ZOZOSUIT, a 3D body measurement system, ZOZOMAT, a 3D foot scanning solution, and ZOZOGLASS, a skin tone capturing system, through ZOZO’s in-house service ZOZOTOWN, to make online shopping more enjoyable and convenient for customers. In addition, ZOZO has been recruiting partners for the licensing of its measurement technologies and co-creation of new services for a variety of industries.

<Features of ZOZOFIT>

ZOZOFIT is a service that enables easy, highly accurate 3D body scans (*2) to be captured at gyms and homes, as well as the tracking and comparing of measurement data over time. High-precision body measurements are made possible by wearing a ZOZOSUIT and capturing the fiducial markers on the suit from 360 degrees with the dedicated ZOZOFIT smartphone app (*3) and camera. This process generates a precise 3D model of the body, allowing users to visualize the results of their fitness efforts and to help identify areas for strength training.

High-precision 3D body scans equivalent to ZOZOFIT typically require specialized large machines and require cost and space for installation. However, ZOZOFIT makes it possible to measure your body and visualize your transformation in 3D easily and quickly in your home, gym, etc.

*Specifications and designs of the application are subject to change.

ZOZOFIT allows users to track and visualize body transformation over time by recording and comparing scans over time.
Users can share their individual scans or change mapped over time to social media or directly to coaches, trainers and/or select community.

*Specifications and designs of the application are subject to change.

Accurately tracking body transformation over time can be challenging, especially when relying solely on metrics like weight. Maintaining motivation without seeing the results of one’s efforts can also be an obstacle to accomplishing one’s goals. ZOZOFIT provides a better way to track progress by showcasing real change in increments as small as ¼ inch at a time.

In the future, in addition to body measurement information, we will incorporate overall physical metrics such as heart rate and exercise intensity, as well as work on the development of simulation algorithms and other products generated from these data. Furthermore, by accumulating information of physical metrics and improvement needs from users, we are also looking to expand as a marketplace which recommends and sells related services and products tailored to individuals.

Prior to its launch during the summer of 2022, ZOZOFIT will offer US-based coaches and trainers early access to ZOZOFIT through its ambassador program. These ambassadors will have the opportunity to utilize ZOZOFIT prior to launch and to help shape the future of ZOZOFIT.

■For details, please refer to the following page.


~ ZOZO Apparel USA, Inc. CEO Utahiro Inui Comment ~

I am very pleased that we can now offer ZOZOFIT in the U.S., which is a global center for fitness. In March of this year, we exhibited ZOZOSUIT and other measurement technologies at SXSW 2022, a renowned technology conference in Austin, U.S., and I personally talked to many visitors at the venue. There, I reaffirmed that while problems related to body shapes are common across all countries, the physical aspirations of individuals are becoming more diverse. We feel that ZOZOSUIT's high-precision measurement technology is one which can go beyond national boundaries to be useful for our customers. I would like to help customers experience a more enjoyable fitness experience through ZOZOFIT, by making the maximum use of the knowledge that we have cultivated in Japan to date.

ZOZO will continue to develop and leverage its measurement technologies, and work toward achieving its corporate philosophy, "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day."

(*1)ZOZOFIT is a service that utilizes ZOZOSUIT 2, announced in October 2020. The name "ZOZOSUIT 2" will be changed to "ZOZOSUIT" hereafter.
(*2)Gathering precise body measurements typically requires, specialized 3D laser scanners. When compared with a 3D laser scanner, ZOZOSUIT 2 has an average error of 3.7mm.
(*3)The ZOZOFIT app is expected to be compatible with both iOS and Android.






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