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ZOZOTOWN has launched its “Personal Styling Subscription Service”

~ZOZOTOWN’s experienced fashion advisors will put together the perfect look for you~


The largest Japanese online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN” ( operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city) has launched its new services, “Personal styling subscription service”, as of February 15th 2018.


Customers can subscribe to the “Personal styling subscription service” by answering a simple survey when registering to the service. ZOZOTOWN’s experienced fashion advisors will put together a head to toe outfit for you on a regular* basis.

*Customers can pick from a one month, two month or three month subscription.


ZOZOTOWN’s fashion advisors will put together an outfit by considering the customers’ preference in fashion, such as preferred items, patterns and colors they would like to avoid, body complexes they would like to cover, preferred balance of size and their ideal budget. Based on the survey results, in addition to the customer’s order history, our original algorithm will pick out the perfect items for each customer, and our experienced fashion advisors will hand pick five to ten items.


Customers can purchase whatever they like from the five to ten items that will be delivered on a regular basis, and can also return whatever they do not want for free of charge. The “Personal styling subscription service” is also provided for free, therefore, customers will only be charged for shipping.

*The “Personal styling subscription service” can only be paid by credit card. After the returned items arrive to us, the total payment and shipping costs will be charged to the customer’s credit card.


By using the “Personal styling subscription service”, the time consumption and trouble of shopping can be resolved, and therefore spread the joy of fashion to more customers. Start Today aims to provide an entirely new shopping experience, as if you have your own personal stylist. Please enjoy this one of a kind service.


In addition, for our “Personal styling subscription service” users who have ordered, received and measured their body sizes with the ZOZOSUIT, the body measurement data from the ZOZOSUIT will be added as an element to suggest the perfect look.


Example of stylings / outfits


A letter will be sent to each customer with their delivered outfit, with ideas of outfits and styling advice from our staff who are experienced in fashion.


(1)MENS (Twenties/Casual)


(2)WOMENS (Twenties/Trend Casual)


(3) MENS (Forties/Sophisticated)


(4)WOMENS (Forties/Sophisticated)


Overview of “Personal Styling Subscription Service”


Name of service

Personal Styling Subscription Service


Launch of service

February 15th 2018


Website URL




Price of Service

Free(Both styling fees and shipping fees of returns)


Shipping fee

200 yen per order (Based on our shipping policy on ZOZOTOWN)






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