December 20, 2017

START TODAY will expand its logistics center “ZOZOBASE” in the fall of 2019

The largest Japanese online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN” ( operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city) has decided to rent a new logistics center “Prologis Park Tsukuba 1-B”(the entire center, 71,000㎡). The construction will begin in May 2018, and planning to begin operations in the fall of 2019.

*Due to this contract, the name of the first “Prologis Park Tsukuba” will be renamed to “Prologis Park Tsukuba 1-A”, and the second center will be named “Prologis Park Tsukuba 1-B”

As a result of this contract, the total floor space of the "Prologis Park Tsukuba 1” will become 140,000㎡, and entire floor space of ZOZOBASE is expected to be approximately 320,000㎡ in total.


<Overview of Prologis Park Tsukuba 1-B>



Ibaraki prefecture, Tsukuba city, Tokodai


Site area

Approximately 32,800㎡


Expected total floor space

Approximately 71,000㎡



4 Stories


Timing of construction

May, 2018


Completion of construction

End of September 2019 (Operations will begin in fall 2019)


*Regarding the main image

(Left: Image of “Prologis Park Tsukuba 1-A”, which is currently under construction. Planning to begin operations in the Fall of 2018.

Right: Image of “Prologis Park Tsukuba 1-B”, the logistics center of this contract.)





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