October 30, 2017

Due to the results of the experimental implementation of “choose your own shipping fee”, ZOZOTOWN has set the shipping fee as 200 yen / indiscriminately, starting November 1st.

The online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN” (http://zozo.jp/) operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, headquarters in Chiba city) has experimentally introduced an optional shipping fee of our customers’ choice from October 1st 2017, where customers could select a desirable shipping fee, based on their needs. The average shipping fee of our customers’ choice was 96 yen (including tax), and 43% of our customers selected 0 yen as their shipping fee.

Due to this result, Strat Today has discovered that, while nearly half of our customers believe that free shipping is a basic service, more than half of our customers feel that it is reasonable to pay shipping fees. According to customers who find that paying for shipping fee is reasonable, the average shipping fee was around 100 yen.

By taking into account of our customers’ voices, Start Today will continue to share common knowledge among consumers that shipping is not originally a service that is offered for free. At the same time, Start Today will continue efforts on lowering the shipping fee to 100 yen.

Specific examples are,

  1. We will no longer use the phrase “free shipping”, and ask for a 200 yen shipping fee for all orders, regardless of the size, cost or shipping area.
  2. Start Today will continue to work on the efficiency and mechanization of all logistics, in order to meet the target shipping fee of “100 yen”.

For reasons above, Start Today will change our shipping fee from “free” to “200 yen indiscriminately (including tax)”.

<Overview of new shipping fee>

Service launch date: November 1st (Wednesday) 2017, noon

New shipping fee: 200 yen indiscriminately (including tax)

<Over view of “Choose your own shipping fee” services>

Timing of service: October 1st (Sunday) ~ October 31st (Tuesday)

Scope of users: All customers including guest users

Target products: all products

Introduction of service (URL):  http://zozo.jp/soryo/      


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