Support Initiative for Children in Foster Care Starting a New Chapter

June 12, 2024

Support Initiative for Children in Foster Care Starting a New Chapter

We have implemented an initiative to celebrate the new beginnings of sixth-grade elementary school students and third-year high school students living in foster care facilities in Chiba Prefecture. This initiative aims to commemorate these children's significant life milestones and support them as they embark on their new journeys.

For the three sixth-grade students living at the "Hoyo Kids Home" foster care facility in Chiba City, we provided graduation support in collaboration with brands "KIMONOMACHI" and its sister store "Yumekan," both of which are featured on ZOZOTOWN. They generously provided haori hakama outfits for the students. On the day of the graduation ceremony, dressers from the "Tokyo Kimono Academy" in the same Nishi-Chiba area as our ZOZO headquarters helped with the dressing, followed by a commemorative photo session with our company's photographer. All these supports were offered free of charge through the goodwill of our partners.

Additionally, for the nine third-year high school students living in four facilities in Chiba City and Funabashi City who are starting new lives this spring, we offered a "gift selection" opportunity with ZOZO staff. The theme was "items you want to have when you become an adult" and "items that give you energy." The participants gathered at the Nishi-Chiba office and selected items that would support their new lives, such as shoes for the workplace and Bluetooth speakers.

We will continue to work with the local community to carry out initiatives that help shape the future of these children.

Event Dates
March 15 (Fri), 19 (Tue), 21 (Thu), 22 (Fri), 28 (Thu), 2024