Introduced Renewable Energy to ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 3 Logistics Center

March 1, 2023

Introduced Renewable Energy to ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 3 Logistics Center

In March 2023, we introduced renewable energy-derived power at our logistics center, ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 3, which has virtually no CO2 emissions. As a result, we expect that approximately 95% or more of our facilities’ electricity consumption will be renewable energy after the scheduled start of operation of the three ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 3 in August.

ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 3 is the base for the introduction of renewable energy following ZOZO Head Office, ZOZOBASE Narashino 1, ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 1, and ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 2. Renewable energy is currently being introduced at all five of our logistics centers.  Electricity to be introduced is virtually renewable-energy electric power with tracked, FIT certificates, etc. and are biomass and solar-derived energy. ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 3 expects to use approximately 6.62 million kWh of electricity per year (*), and the annual CO2 savings from the introduction of renewable energies are equivalent to 2,961 tons.

We will continue to aggressively reduce greenhouse gas emissions, aiming to realize a new era of fashion that considers our environment and society.

※Calculated by multiplying the site area ratio of ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 1 and ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 3 by the electricity consumption in fiscal 2021 of ZOZOBASE Tsukuba 1

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