Participated in the "Honors Program 2021" of Chiba University of Commerce

March 25, 2022

Participated in the "Honors Program 2021" of Chiba University of Commerce

In order to realize our corporate philosophy of "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day.," we offer On-Demand-Delivery Classes of schools in Chiba Prefecture and support for career education. At this time, we participated in the "Honors Program 2021" for 40 students at Chiba University of Commerce.

The Honors Program is an active learning program in which students learn about conceptual methods from companies and give presentations to companies on how to solve problems. The Chiba University of Commerce has been implementing this program since FY2020, with the aim of fostering the ability to guide your own answers in order to resolve issues.

On the day, staff from our Friendship Management Division and in charge of promotions in the Marketing Division gave lectures on corporate introductions, and business introductions, as well as on the key elements of e-commerce websites and the marketing of ZOZO. Subsequently, the students addressed the issue of "planning proposals to promote interest in and intention to use ZOZOTOWN for the younger generation."

Students were asked to present their proposals in a presentation format, and grand prize and three top prizes were chosen from the wonderful proposals with a high level of perfection.

The grand prize was a plan to prepare AR fitting booths made using trucks in front of train stations and university campuses where young people gather, and to send out video footage of the person who tried on them via social networking services with a hashtag saying "#carryingZOZO." The idea of changing the consumption experience of shopping, from "picking and buying clothes" to "purchasing koto" consumption, was highly evaluated by planning to enjoy the AR trial wearing experience itself.

We would like to continue to support young people who will lead the future through a variety of initiatives, including career education support.

Implementation period
February 3, 2022(Thursday) to February 18, 2022(Friday), 6 times in total

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