December 14, 2021

On-Demand-Delivery Class to learn about logistics at an elementary school in Chiba City

In order to realize our corporate philosophy of "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day.," we hold classes instructed by our employees at schools in Chiba Prefecture. We held a class on logistics for about 100 fifth-grade students from Soga Elementary School in Chiba City.

On the day, employees from the Fulfillment division, which is in charge of logistics-related operations, and the Friendship Management division, which is in charge of internal communications, explained the company introduction and ZOZOTOWN logistics mechanisms, and talked about the importance of cooperating to the following working divisions and imagining the exciting state of our customers and engaging in self-work (*). The students were then given the opportunity to experience a series of processes ranging from inspection, measurement, photography, and shipping.

After experiencing the work of folding products beautifully and photographing products, the students enthusiastically worked on each and every task, saying, "If the products were wrinkled, it would not be able to communicate the attraction to the customers!"

In the future, we will continue to support young people who will lead the future by communicating the importance of "having fun" and "having fun" in their own work (*) in a way that is just like ZOZO.

(*)The word "work" is ordinarily spelled as 仕事 (shi-goto), using a character 仕 (shi) represents "serving" by its literal meaning. Instead, we use a character 自 (shi) which is pronounced in a same way but represents "self (natural)" by its literal meaning. This implies we are not serving to someone or forced to work, but are working naturally and spontaneously.

Date of Implementation
Tuesday, December 14, 2021