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Elementary School Students from Chiba City explore the head office in a Life Environment Studies Class on "Urban Exploration,"


In order to realize our corporate philosophy of "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day," we are actively engaging in exchanges with local residents and classes at schools in Chiba City with the aim of creating a sustainable region. Recently, we received a request from Chiba city Midorimachi Elementary School close to our head office, asking for their cooperation in conducting "town expeditions" in which students visit shopping districts and companies in the town to learn about the nature of their work and their thoughts. Students who wish to do so were invited to our head office for explanations and study tours of our company premises.


"Urban Exploration" was part of a course in life environment studies class, and the students who raised their hands to "want to visit ZOZO's offices" visited the Head Office this time. On the day of the meeting, employees of the Friendship Management Department and our corporate character "Hakoneko MAX" guided the office and explained the characteristics of the office's design and what kind of work(*) they were doing. The students asked a variety of questions, such as "What kind of company is ZOZO?" and "Why did you create a ZOZO square?" and they eagerly took notes of the employees' responses.


I would like to continue to support young people who will lead the future through a variety of initiatives, on-demand-delivery classes.


Date of Implementation

Friday, November 5, 2021


(*) The word "work" is ordinarily spelled as 仕事 (shi-goto), using a character 仕 (shi) represents "serving" by its literal meaning. Instead, we use a character 自 (shi) which is pronounced in a same way but represents "self (natural)" by its literal meaning. This implies we are not serving to someone or forced to work, but are working naturally and spontaneously.