On-Demand-Delivery Class by Our Employees at a University in Chiba City

November 2, 2021

On-Demand-Delivery Class by Our Employees at a University in Chiba City


To realize our corporate philosophy of "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day.," our employees have served as on-demand-delivery class, and we have held a course in front of career education at schools in Chiba City. We received a request from the Career Center of Chiba Keiai Gakuen Keiai University, and in November 2021, we held a course for university students for the first time.


On the day of the seminar, we held a class for third grade university students who were about to find a job, with the hope that they would feel positive toward the future. In addition to explaining our services, the roles of each business division, and our corporate philosophy and the culture of "work with fun" which takes root in us, we introduced our employees' career histories before and after joining the company, as well as tips for choosing their occupations. The students who took the classes commented, "I will work hard so that I can find a job that I can think of as fun," and "I also wanted to work in a friendly, at-home workplace."


By continuing to conduct career education classes at many schools in the future, we will communicate the importance of the satisfaction of doing own affairs(※) and the importance of "work with fun" to realize one of key actions, "Contribute to sustainable community development."


Implementation period

November 2, 2021 (Tuesday)


(※) The word "work" is ordinarily spelled as 仕事 (shi-goto), using a character 仕 (shi) represents "serving" by its literal meaning. Instead, we use a character 自 (shi) which is pronounced in a same way but represents "self (natural)" by its literal meaning. This implies we are not serving to someone or forced to work, but are working naturally and spontaneously.