Posted on ZOZO's Work in a Career-Education Supplementary Textbook in Chiba

May 31, 2021

Posted on ZOZO's Work in a Career-Education Supplementary Textbook in Chiba


In May 2021, the ”Discovery and Exploration in Chiba Prefecture Ten-Year Job Note” for Career Education, which contains the content and aspirations of our work, was distributed to about 25,000 second-grade students of public junior high schools in Chiba City, Ichikawa City, Funabashi City, Matsudo City, Narita City, Kashiwa City, and Yachiyo City.


"Discovery and Exploration in Chiba Prefecture," a supplementary teaching textbook  for career education, is a teaching textbook of career education for second-year junior high school students. It introduces the work of companies in Chiba Prefecture. Our page introduces many photos of staff members who communicate that they are enjoying their work so that the students can feel that "there is an interesting company" and "a little excited to start working."


In addition, it includes interviews with staff, introductions to each division, and explanations on the flow through to the delivery of products to customers. In addition, a small test that blanks out the part of the corporate philosophy of "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day." This small test embraces the idea that by allowing middle students to think of the word "inspire □, deliver joy to □ everyday,”  it will become an opportunity to think about □ for themselves.


We will continue to engage in activities that contribute to the surrounding communities while communicating with local residents through initiatives to support the young generation who will play a leading role in the future.


※The word "work" is ordinarily spelled as 仕事 (shi-goto), using a character 仕 (shi) represents "serving" by its literal meaning. Instead, we use a character 自 (shi) which is pronounced in a same way but represents "self (natural)" by its literal meaning. This implies we are not serving to someone or forced to work, but are working naturally and spontaneously.