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“ZOZO Square,” a Location that Connects the Region with ZOZO


In July 2020, we opened "ZOZO Square," which aims to interact with local communities, toward the head office building. "ZOZO Square" is based on the same concept as ZOZO Head Office building as the city of Nishi-Chiba(※), an area where people can work with imagination and creativity, and we intend to make it a place where communities and ZOZO can connect and create new value.


“ZOZO Square” is open to local residents as free space and is used as a forum for interaction. Following the end of the Covid-19, we will rent out ZOZO corporate events and event spaces, whether for individuals or organizations, as well as for people in the Nishi-Chiba region.


※Depending on the situation of the new Corona contagious disease, the opening may be discontinued.


We will continue to work in collaboration with local residents to revitalize local communities in order to realize "contribute to sustainable community development," which is one of the Sustainability Key Actions in our Sustainability Statement.


※In December 2004, based on the concept of an Internet-based fashion district, the "ZOZOTOWN" was born, which combines imagination (SOZO) and creativity (SOZO) with two "ZOs."