April 28, 2021

Creation of Original-Design Jackets with YAMATO TRANSPORT ZOZO Branch


We are promoting "Promote diversity and inclusion among everyone involved in fashion" as one of the Key Actions that we have set for the promotion of sustainability, and we are conducting initiatives in collaboration with partners in the value chain. In March 2021, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd., which was interested in this initiative and in our internal communications, and we produced the original jackets together with the Yamato Transport ZOZO Branch, which ships orders from our logistics centers ZOZOBASE. In this project, Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. suggested that "we would like to cultivate and have a deepr understanding of ZOZO and motivate staff of ZOZO Branch." As a result, we proposed that "the staff of ZOZOBASE and the staff of the Yamato Transport ZOZO Branch be able to share the same value and unite as one by wearing the same thing. And the jacket was designed by ZOZO. The jackets worn by staff have ZOZOBASE's mission of "Smile Delivery (delivering smiles and joy to customers)" on the back, and are designed any of the letters "S," "D," "Z," and "B" of "Smile Delivery ZOZOBASE" in capital letter. The design of the jackets distributed to the Yamato Transport ZOZO Branch included the message "We are an anchor that delivers smiles directly to customers" on our jacket design, and added an illustration of sash in yellow, which is the corporate color of the Yamato Group. ZOZO Branch of Yamato Transport Co., Ltd. commented, "We will continue to work together and unite as one with the staff of ZOZO Branch to carry out shipping operations by wearing the jacket" and "We will be putting more efforts in providing better services with the awareness that our services are part of the services that ZOZO provide to customers." We will continue to work with Yamato Transport to provide more convenient services that satisfy our customers.