April 28, 2021

Comprehensive Collaboration Agreement with Chiba City and Chiba University


In February 2019, we signed a comprehensive collaboration agreement with Chiba City and Chiba University, a national university corporation. The agreement with Chiba City is intended to promote collaboration that effectively utilizes the resources and expertise of both parties, to enhance the individuality and attractiveness of the city from both the corporate and administrative perspectives, to create a community that connects to the future, and to further revitalize the region. The agreement with Chiba University also aims to contribute to local communities by promoting academia and culture and revitalizing local economies through the exchange of human and intellectual resources. Going forward, in cooperation with Chiba City and Chiba University, we will work with local residents to revitalize local communities in order to realize "contributions to the creation of sustainable communities," which is one of the Key Actions outlined in our Sustainability Statement.


Contract Date
February 13, 2019