Uniforms Designed by ZOZO for the Boys Volleyball Team in Chiba City

March 26, 2021

Uniforms Designed by ZOZO for the Boys Volleyball Team in Chiba City


Date of Presentation of Uniforms

Friday, March 26, 2021



We designed the uniforms by receiving a direct letter from a student in the Boys Volleyball Team of Midori-cho Junior Highschool in Chiba City, near ZOZO head office. The letter says "I would like ZOZO to design a uniform for our Boys Volleyball Team." In order to meet the expectations of them, we have held numerous meetings and made a unique original uniform designed only for them.




The fact that we received direct requests from students attending a nearby junior high school was a very pleasing event for us, as we always wanted to deepen our interaction with local residents. The design of the uniform was created together through repeated discussions while incorporating the wishes of members of the department. We intend to utilize this experience in uniform design in our various activities in the future.


Comments from Designers

With green for base-color as the members of the club had hoped for, the design was based on a triangle with an image of the school emblem of Midorimachi Junior High School. The Black Zigzag line at the center has a design that overlaps "Z" and "M," which is the acronym for "ZOZO" and "MIDORIMACHI," and incorporates the idea to make this collaboration unique.