March 12, 2021

Acquired Pedestrian Bridge Naming Rights in Nishi-Chiba, where ZOZO Head Office is located


Starting date of the Mark

Friday, March 12, 2021



We acquired the naming rights of the Yayoi Wadobashi pedestrian bridge in Inamori Ward, Chiba City, and in March 2021, we began labeling the new name on the occasion of with the relocation of our head office. The pedestrian bridge has two locations where a nickname can be marked. One location is marked with the nickname "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day in ZOZO Yayoi pedestrian bridge," which incorporates our corporate philosophy throughout the world, and the other is marked with the nickname "Inspire □□. Deliver joy to □□ every day in ZOZO Yayoi pedestrian bridge," which arranges our corporate philosophy. By leaving some of our corporate philosophy blank, we designed it so that everyone who goes around town can think, "What do you want to be cool to everyone? Who do you want to make you smile?"




The Yayoi Pedestrian Bridge is a pedestrian bridge located in front of Chiba University and Yayoi Elementary School, and is also close to ZOZO head office. We express and transmit our thoughts to pedestrian bridges where many people go and go each day, including university students, elementary schools, residents, and our employees. First of all, we would like to carry out initiatives that are unique to us, based on the idea that "Nishi-Chiba is in parentheses, and the smile is smiled in Nishi-Chiba."


Comments from Designers

By designing our corporate philosophy on the Yayoi Pedestrian Bridge: "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day." and "Inspire □□. Deliver joy to □□ every day." which is a blank section of part of our corporate philosophy, we wanted many people going and going around the city to enjoy their free imagination, and at the same time we wanted them to know what we wanted. In the blanks, I would be happy if each person could freely imagine and enjoy the words, such as place names, people's names, and school names, as well as the words "all over the world," which are the same as the corporate philosophy.