"On-Demand-Delivery Class" by ZOZO at elementary schools in Chiba city

December 9, 2020

"On-Demand-Delivery Class" by ZOZO at elementary schools in Chiba city


Implementation Period

On Thursdays, October 8, October 16, and December 9, 2020



As an instructor of the "On-Demand-Delivery Class" sponsored by the Chiba City Board of Education, our employees gave lessons at elementary schools in Chiba City. In the course, we introduced the ideas and corporate structures that we value, such as our corporate philosophy of "Inspire the world. Deliver joy every day." and our mindset "work with fun" that is firmly rooted in us, and the concept of "Be unique. Be equal." that is incorporated into our corporate logo, mainly for the sixth grade of elementary school.



We had long wanted to convey our corporate philosophy and our cherished thoughts to the children who will shoulder our future. We decided to participate in the "On-Demand-Delivery Class" held by the Board of Education. In the class, we introduced the company through a panel discussion of several employees so that students can enjoy working in the future. Our employees talked about such topics as "Is it fun to work?" "What was your dream when you were a little?" "What do you think of being a part of your current career from school?" and "Why did you join ZOZO?" We also asked our students to actively present their opinions on the topic of "Is it fun to work?" In addition, we conducted a special edition of the previous classes in Chiba City, in which students made direct requests from junior high schools and announced measures to acquire new ZOZOTOWN customers through group work. Through this initiative, I feel that we were able to gain many stimuli and notices on our own as a lecturer, making it a very meaningful time.


Comments received from elementary school students (partially introduced)

"It was good that he told me a story that could be utilized for myself."

"Even though I was trying hard to achieve my dreams, I couldn't come true, but I'm very impressed that I can make use of those dreams someday. I wanted to join Mr. ZOZO, too!"

"It is cool that even a small company can grow bigger by working with fun, and the story was a lot of fun."

"Everyone works as they used to dream, but I was impressed by how they all enjoyed their work."

"It was very good because we understood how things were in the company and what ZOZO logos meant during the panel discussion. I would like to enjoy working in such a way as to ""have fun"" when I grow up."