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Free Distribution at ZOZOMARINE STADIUM of CHIBA Original Uni Home ZOZO Production


Implementation Period

Friday, September 11 to Sunday, September 13, October 13, Tuesday, and Wednesday, October 14, 2020



Chiba Lotte Marines held five professional baseball games as a "ALL for CHIBA" event to compete for the local Chiba Prefectural Government and distributed the "CHIBA Original Uni Home" produced by us to all visitors free of charge.




Since we wanted to further boost our head office in Chiba, we took in charge of producing "CHIBA Original uniform" for the first time in 2019, and again this year for the second year in row. Under the concept of "ALL for CHIBA", the message "Chiba prefecture unite as one, and spread our wings with fans" has been added into the uniform. "The design is unconventional and looks great" and "I was impressed with the message." We believe that our ability to deliver messages through the production of uniforms has led to our unique contribution to the community amidst significant changes in our lives due to the impact of the Covid-19.


Comments from ZOZO designers

The motif dispersed throughout the Unihome represents the "M" of Marines' initial and the form of seagull, which is also an important motif. Chiba is united in its commitment to uniting the entire ALL for CHIBA with seagull outlined in black that is also the image color of ZOZOTOWN, and it expresses its desire to fly together with fans toward the future.