Sales of SAVE FASHION, SAVE THE TOWN TEE, a new charity T-shirt to support the prevention of the Covid-19

May 15, 2020

Sales of SAVE FASHION, SAVE THE TOWN TEE, a new charity T-shirt to support the prevention of the Covid-19


Implementation Period

・Reservation sales period
Friday, May 15 to Sunday, May 31, 2020

・Time of product delivery
Early August 2020 (planned)



As a project to support measures to combat the Covid-19, we set SAVE FASHION, SAVE THE TOWN in the hope that fashion will continue to give people's aspirations. We created a charity T-shirt, SAVE FASHION, SAVE THE TOWN TEE, and sold it in ZOZOTOWN. We are currently preparing to use the profits from charity T-shirts to support activities to protect the town and fashion.




The impact on the apparel industry is no exception, as the world is severely impacted by the Covid-19. The charity T-shirts we created this time were made so that those who look forward to the brands lining the town and the products created by those brands can regain their daily lives where they can enjoy fashion with peace of mind as soon as possible. A total of 860 shops are listed on the surface of the T-shirt, using a photograph of the previous town taken by the store opening brand, and on the back, the name of the shop of the brand that endorsed this charity initiative. Currently, we are sequentially shipping to customers who have purchased T-shirts. Together with customers and brands who have agreed to this idea, I would like to make efforts to bring smiles to the world in a cool way through the power of fashion.


Comments from ZOZO Designers

As I wrote in the copies of this special page, ZOZOTOWN is able to be present because of the city and the brands there. There are many brands in ZOZOTOWN that have opened stores all over Japan, and there are many brands in a critical situation this time. I also think there were a lot of people who miss the city crowded with people, forced to think about the current empty city due to the influence of Covid-19. This project was born with the question of whether or not ZOZOTOWN can do anything about it. We designed T-shirts in five major cities with the aim of encouraging shops all over Japan and people living there. The photograph of the district was borrowed from each brand that opened a store in each city. In spite of a very short period of time, many good photographs of each city have been gathered one after another, and I felt anew that "this is something that can only be done ZOZOTOWN."


Comments from ZOZO Staff in Collaboration with Brands

Within a very short period of about a week, the brands responded to agree and provided us with many wonderful photos, despite the extremely tough situation. I felt once again that it was wonderful that we were able to build a relationship that would allow us to cooperate with them at such times. I think the brands were in a very edge of situation where they had to close their stores or had really hard times. Through this project, we hope that the brands and their favorite cities will become more vibrant, even if only a little.