August 3, 2019

Designed Staff T-Shirt for Makuhari Beach Fireworks Festa 2019


Implementation Period
Saturday, August 3, 2019


At the Makuhari Beach Fireworks Festa 2019 (41st Chiba Citizens Fireworks Festival) held on August 3, we co-sponsored the ultra-luxury Music Starmine, which is a finale of the event, and deisigned uniform T-shirts worn by management staff on the day. As last year, this year, they launched one of the nation's largest launches of 23,000 balls, and the number of launches of the No. 10 balls, called scale balls, more than doubled. As a result, together with music, a huge squeeze-blowing force flourished on the Makuhari beach.



Every year, we design uniform T-shirts worn by our management staff on the day. "The theme of this design is ""With 4friends.""" "Markun" of Chiba Lotte Marines, "Jeff" of Chiba United Ichihara and Chiba, "Jumbo-kun" of Chiba Jets Funabashi, and "Hakoneko MAX" of ZOZOTOWN, four characters representing Chiba, appeared in the T-shirts and transformed into the form of a family crest in the design with the motif of a method coat that looks like a firework festival. This time, due to our desire to further boost the city of Chiba, our local area, we were able to realize the design this time, thanks to the support of a professional sports team that supports Chiba, with whom we have a deeper affinity than before.