Launched "ZOZO Connection," a Special Benefit Program for Community-based Employees

October 1, 2018

Launched "ZOZO Connection," a Special Benefit Program for Community-based Employees


Implementation Date (Start Date)
Monday, October 1, 2018


A "ZOZO Connection" is an internal system unique to us that is closely linked to local communities. Employees can benefit from cooperating restaurants and service shops by actively using and returning profits to stores in the vicinity of the base.



In Makuhari, where we are based, we have established a system called Makuhari Allowance. This system is designed to provide 50000 yen per month to employees living near Makuhari. Unlike general housing allowances, the primary objective of this system is "local Makuhari's community revitalization." It was born from the desire of employees to live in Makuhari and spend money in Makuhari, thereby further reinvigorating Makuhari. Furthermore, this ""ZOZO Connection"" has developed and started to develop. But literally this system creates a lot of connection between local people and our employees, which is a valuable opportunity to know ZOZO. Also, there have been many employees who used the shops around Kaihin-Makuhari Station since the end of their work, but this ZOZO Connection has increased the number of employees who recognize themselves as ZOZO employees. We will continue to value our ties with local communities without forgetting the appreciation of our ZOZO Connection partner stores.