July 19, 2018

Start Today will Donate 100 Million Yen to Support those in Okayama, Hiroshima and Ehime Prefecture Who were Affected by the July 2018 Torrential Rain and Floods

~ Providing relief supplies to disaster areas since July 12th Thursday ~

The largest Japanese online fashion website ZOZOTOWN, operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city), will make the following disaster relief donations, in order to support those who were affected by the July 2018 torrential rain and floods in Japan.


1.Disaster relief donation


Start Today will donate 100 million yen as a disaster relief donation to Okayama, Hiroshima and Ehime prefecture, in the hope of helping people who live in these disaster areas.

*All donation money will be covered by the company.


Donation amount

100 million yen


Donation destination

Okayama, Hiroshima and Ehime prefecture



2.Providing relief supplies to disaster areas


In addition to the financial donations explained above, Start Today has provided daily supplies such as clothing, underwear and children’s clothing since July 12th Thursday, by working closely with municipalities of disaster areas.


The company has delivered a total of 9,030 pieces of clothing, underwear and children’s clothing to Kurashiki city in Okayama prefecture as of today. Employees of Start Today have visited the disaster area, and have helped with the unloading and handing out of relief supplies, as well as trying to understand the needs of people and municipalities / communities that were affected.


Start Today is planning to deliver relief supplies to Hiroshima (Hiroshima city Aki-ku, Kure, Mihara and Sakacho). Okayama (Takahashi and Souja) and Ehime prefecture (Uwajima and Seiyo).


Start Today would like to express their sincerest sympathies to those who were affected by the July 2018 torrential rain and floods in Japan, as well as praying for the swift recovery and reconstruction of the affected communities.



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