July 3, 2018

The Business Suit and Dress Shirt Ensemble from Start Today’s Private Label, ZOZO, will be Available for Purchase Starting Today.

 ~ The debut formal apparel items from ZOZO offer the flawless fit of a tailormade suit for a limited time price of 24,800 yen ~


The largest Japanese online fashion website ZOZOTOWN (http://zozo.jp/), operated by Start Today Co., Ltd.  (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city), will launch its debut formal apparel items: a Business Suit (Two-button suit) and Dress Shirt ensemble for men from its private label, ZOZO, available for purchase from July 3rd, Tuesday 6 pm JST.


ZOZO’s new items, the business suit and dress shirt, are distinct from other ZOZO products (which are custom-fit*) in that every business suit and dress shirt will be custom-made from scratch based on each customer’s unique body measurements captured by the ZOZO measurements system and the ZOZOSUIT. In addition, these items can be customized according to the customer’s preferred style. Moreover, the shoulder inclination and differences on the body shape of each side are taken into consideration, in order to create an extremely personalized apparel piece for every one of our customers.

*The custom-fit method is a production method where we prepare thousands of patterns for various body sizes in advance. We will deliver the best fit from our pattern database to each customer.


The business suit is made from a Super 110’s wool, giving it an authentic tailormade feel and an extremely comfortable fit, a fit so comfortable that you will forget you’re wearing a business suit. Customers can select the color and pattern: there are four colors for the herringbone print (Navy, Dark navy, Light gray and Charcoal gray), and three solid colors (Black, Dark navy and Charcoal gray)*. In addition, every detail, such as the hem of the pant, the shape of the pocket, the button and the color of the lining can be custom ordered, offering customers not only the ultimate fit but also their preferred design.

*An additional option - a striped fabric in three colors (Navy, Light gray and Charcoal gray) are expected to be available this fall.


The dress shirt is offered in 14 colors, with a personalized fit down to the millimeter not only around the neck, shoulders and chest, but the sleeve-length, cuff, length and waist as well. Even the collar size and height and the pocket size and placement have been carefully considered. The collar and sleeve can be customized, which enables us to create a dress shirt with the perfect fit and design just for you.


In addition, to celebrate the debut of ZOZO’s business suit and dress shirt and encourage as many people as possible to experience ZOZO’s newest items, we are offering these two products as an ensemble for a limited price of 24,800 yen (including tax).

*The formal apparel items will be available for purchase separately in the future.


ZOZO is planning to release a tie in August, which shall be an essential addition to your formal / business wardrobe. By measuring your body with the ZOZOSUIT, the combination of the custom-fit business suit, dress shirt and tie will create the perfect neckline for you.


The Business Suit and Dress Shirt Ensemble

The set will include a business suit and dress shirt from ZOZO, offered for a limited price.

*Customers must measure themselves with the ZOZOSUIT using the updated app in order to place their order.

*The ZOZOSUIT will be delivered to customers who have not yet received their ZOZOSUIT.

*Orders are limited to one set per person.



The Business Suit and Dress Shirt Ensemble






24,800 yen (including tax)



July 3rd, Tuesday 6:00pm


Business Suit


Business suit (Two-button suit)






Regular price 39,800 yen(*)→ Limited price 21,900 yen (both including tax)


Fabric, Color

Herringbone (Color options: Black, Navy, Dark navy, Light gray, Charcoal gray)

Solid color(Color options: Black, Dark navy, Charcoal gray)

Stripe (Color options: Navy, Light gray, Charcoal gray)

*Expected to be available for purchase in the fall


Limited page URL

(PC) http://zozo.jp/pb/men-2bsuit.html

(SP) http://zozo.jp/sp/pb/men-2bsuit.html

*This is the expected selling price in the future, not the current price.


The business suit (2 button suit) is made from a Super 110’s wool, giving it an authentic tailormade feel and an extremely comfortable fit, a fit so comfortable that you will forget you’re wearing a business suit.


◆Custom-fit clothing that fits every body shape.

We have carefully considered every detail down to the millimeter at the neck, shoulders, chest, sleeve, cuff, length, waist, collar size and height, and pocket size and placement. By doing so, we are able to create the ideal silhouette with an effortless fit. This custom-made suit will fit you perfectly and reflect your style and design preferences.


By applying various tailoring techniques, we were able to create a clean silhouette, which emphasizes the beauty of each line in your body. Moreover, the fit can be adjusted based on your preferred balance – either a relaxed or tight fit.


The shape of the chest pocket creates an appealing curve and side vent are the perfect accent for creating your unique silhouette.


◆The custom-made options will help you create your own individual style


Hem finishing

The hem finishing can be selected from either a single or double, and the double can be adjusted down to per 0.5cm, from 3.5cm, 4.0cm, 4.5cm up to 5.0cm.


Jacket, Pocket

We recommend our customers to keep the barca on the left side of the pocket, and the flap beads for the waist pocket, however it’s up to each customer to choose based on their personal style. Customers can select from a boat-shaped left breast pocket, or a flapless for the waist pocket.


Pants pocket

The standard is a flapless pocket, however, you can add a flap if you want to customize your style.



Create your very own original jacket by embroidering your name into the inside layer of the jacket. You can choose from Kanji, your initials or cursive from five colors.



You can choose from a variety of five colors, in addition to the recommended button color. By changing the color of the button, you can add more originality to your suit.



You can choose from not only a side vent but also a center vent.


Back lining

We recommend a skeleton back, however you can also choose a full lining depending on the season and your lifestyle.



We recommend a color that will match the garment, however you can select from a variety of five colors, in case you want to add more originality to your lining.


Waist belt

You can choose from a waist with a belt loop or a side-adjuster depending on your preference and based on the occasion for your suit. The side-adjuster design will create a tighter look with a clean line.


◆The size and placement of the lapel

We will offer the perfect size and placement for each body, down to every millimeter and detail in order to fit you perfectly.


◆A sophisticated fabric

The natural drape created by a Super 110’s wool fabric will add to your enjoyment of the perfect fit. The jacket has an ideal thickness that can be worn throughout the year, as well as a decent texture and comfort which creates a relaxing fit, due to the carefully selected wool.


Dress Shirt


Dress Shirt






Regular price 4,900 yen(*) → Limited price 2,900 yen (both including tax)



White, Light blue, Sax blue, Pink, White×Blue, Dark blue, Light pink, White×Navy, Royal blue, White×Pink and 4 other kinds of blues, Total of 14 colors


Limited page URL

(PC) http://zozo.jp/pb/men-dressshirt.html

(SP) http://zozo.jp/sp/pb/men-dressshirt.html

*This is the expected selling price in the future, not the current price.


The ZOZO dress shirt can be altered as you wish – there’s no other shirt like it.


  • Custom-fit clothing that fits every body shape.

We have carefully considered each detail, by making millimeter adjustments around the neck, shoulders, chest, sleeve-length, cuff, length, waist, and even the collar size and height, pocket size and placement. By doing so, we are able to offer a tailor-made feel that will suit your body size and personal style.


◆The ZOZO dress shirt can be altered as you wish – there’s no other shirt like it.

You can create the perfect fit for you by making size and design adjustments around the neck, shoulders, chest, sleeves, length and wrist.



The shirt provides a comfortable fit, leaving just the right space at the neck. The proportion of the collar has been adjusted down to the millimeter, according to the hook point and the height of the collar. There are three options for the collar; the ZOZO regular, which is not your typical standard design but can be worn together with many different styles. The Button Down is perfect for a business-casual look: the placement, width and even the angle has been taken into account. The Wide Neck offers a clean-cut around the face, giving you a sophisticated look even without wearing a tie.


Sleeve and dress length

Have you ever given up on owning a shirt with the perfect sleeve length to prioritize the fit of other parts of the shirt? With this shirt, you can make the slightest adjustments (of 1~2cm) in order to assure a custom fit for every part of you perfectly. You can even adjust the sleeve length according to your jacket.


Cuff design

We have researched and developed the perfect balance to remove discomfort around the wrist. You can adjust the length of the cuff down to the centimeter, adjusting it for a more relaxed or more formal fit, or to best compliment a watch. There are three options for the cuff design: choose from a classic circle on the corner of the cuff, a round curve that would work for any occasion, or a sophisticated cornering-off to reflect more of your personality to the shirt.


Customized pockets or, no pocket at all

In order to emphasize the clean lines of the shirt, choose the ZOZO dress shirt without a pocket. If you choose a pocket, we have precisely measured down to each millimeter of the size and placement of the pocket, in order to create the perfect balance for every body.



Create your very own personalized shirt by embroidering your initials or name in cursive.


◆An “exceptional comfort” that will fully satisfy your expectations   


A comfortable fabric that can be worn every day.

We used a 100% natural cotton, which will fit your body perfectly. With the perfect thickness, it can be worn all year around. In order to reduce the sheer, we have incorporated as many picks and ends per inch, as well as making the thickness of the warp and weft different to maintain its comfortable texture. Moreover, we have also applied a wrinkle-reduction treatment which will make the daily-care much easier for you.



Full of details that shirt lovers would appreciate

The side of the shirt is a rolled hemming finish, which is common among high-end shirts. By keeping the button simple, we have maintained its luxury feel while strengthening the shirt. Above all, by adopting the plush core for the collar and cuff, we were able to create an ideal strength, as well as a comfortable texture around the neck that can be worn all day long.


In addition, ZOZO is also planning to launch its new casual items, the Straight denim, V-neck T-shirt, and Pocket T-shirt for men, and the Straight denim, Skinny denim, V-neck T-Shirt and Oxford shirt for women. As a result, ZOZO will be offering 8 items for men, and 6 for women. ZOZO is expecting to further expand its product lineup within the year.


The company’s goal is to spread this one-of-a-kind fashion experience of custom-fit to customers all over the world, by providing the ZOZOSUIT for free, and developing new wardrobe essentials for ZOZO.






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