June 6, 2018

The Private Brand “ZOZO” Launches its “Button Down Shirt”, Available for Purchase from Today.

〜The ultimate shirt: you can customize the length, sleeve, neck and more, for only 3,900 yen 〜


The largest Japanese online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN”, operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city), has launched its new apparel item, the “Oxford button down shirt”, available for purchase from today, June 6th.

*As of now this product is only available for men. It will be available for women in the near future.


“ZOZO” is a new brand offering “made to order clothing” - basic apparel items that fit every customers’ body shape by applying the body measurement data captured by the body measurement suit, the “ZOZOSUIT”.


The new “Oxford button down shirt” can be customized according to your size preferences for each body part, such as the length around the neck, shoulder, chest, sleeve, length and wrist. This is the ultimate “Your Size” shirt that is guaranteed to fit every body shape. Not only can you adjust the size, but you can also customize the size and height of the collar, size and the placement of the pocket down to each millimeter. We have used an oxford fabric that features durability and an authentic feel.


ZOZO now offers three types of apparel items: its new “Oxford button down shirt”, the “Slim tapered denim pant” and “Crewneck T-Shirt”. The oxford button down shirt by ZOZO can be worn in a business casual scene, especially in the summer that is ahead of us. The company is planning to expand its collection to 10~20 items, such as “Straight Denim”, “Skinny Denim”, in addition to business shirts, suits and more.


The company’s goal is to spread this one of a kind fashion experience of “the ultimate fit” to customers all over the world, by providing the ZOZOSUIT for free, and developing new basic apparel items for “ZOZO”.



Oxford Button Down Shirt


Gender type 




3,900 Yen (Including tax)



White, Blue (Total of two colors)


Product page URL

(White) http://zozo.jp/shop/zozo/goods/25557343/

(Blue) http://zozo.jp/shop/zozo/goods/25557344/


Limited page URL



◆A size that fits every body shape: “Your Size”.

Not only can you customize the measurements of the length, the neck, the shoulder, the chest, and the sleeve, but you can also customize the size and height of the collar, as well as the size and placement of the pocket down to each millimeter. This is the ultimate oxford fabric button down shirt with the perfect balance, provided in “Your Size”.


◆The ultimate shirt that you can customize just the way you like it.

You can customize the size of the neck, the shoulder, the chest, the sleeve, the length and the wrist based on your preference.


The shirt provides a comfortable fit, leaving enough space around the neck. The balance of the collar has been adjusted down to each millimeter, based on the hook point and the height of the collar. In order to create a masculine and sophisticated look, we have taken of all the details into consideration, such as the placement and angle of the buttons.


Sleeve and dress length

Have you ever given up on owning a shirt with the perfect sleeve / dress length to prioritize the fit of other parts of the shirt? With this shirt, you can make the slightest adjustments of 1~2cm in order to fit every part of you perfectly. You can even adjust the sleeve length according to your jacket.



We made a layer of gazette on the side, which creates durability and a nice silhouette when seen from any angle, as well as a perfectly balanced curved design around the hem.


Sleeve and wrist

We have researched and developed the perfect balance that will resolve restraint around the wrist. You can adjust the length down to each centimeter, depending on whether you prefer a more relaxed feel, or the best length for wearing a watch.

Stich width

We have adjusted the collar, cufflinks and placket width according to each body.

Since the stich width makes a big difference when considering the entire balance of the shirt, we have carefully considered each body type. As a result, an effortless looking, comfortable fitting shirt was created.


Size and placement of the pocket

We have researched the best pocket size and placement down to each millimeter, which will look good on every body type. The well-balanced design of this pocket will look flattering on everyone.


◆The “ultimate standard” that will work for any occasion

A comfortable fabric that can be worn every day.

We used a 100% natural cotton, which will fit your body better each time you wash it, by increasing its texture. This shirt can be worn all year around with its perfect thickness and the right amount of sheer, in addition to the smooth fabric that is clog-free. By washing the shirt during its product stage, and adding a puckering process (wrinkles around the stiches), the shirt has an authentic feel to it from the moment it is delivered.


◆Full of details that shirt lovers would appreciate

In order to bring out the durability and authentic feel of the original oxford fabric, we have studied and compared

the best thickness of stich thread, to the number of stiches. We have also come up with a creative solution to avoid the shirt from shrinking or showing fuzz. Above all, by adopting the plush core for the collar and cuff, we were able to create an ideal strength, as well as a comfortable texture.




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