May 1, 2018

The “ZOZOSUIT” developed by Start Today Reaches 1 Million Orders, and the Private Brand “ZOZO” Aims for 20 Billion Yen for its First-Year Sales

~ The improved ZOZOSUIT is expected to recover delivery delays, and to deliver a maximum of 10 million suits within the year ~


The largest Japanese online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN” operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city) announced that the “ZOZOSUIT”, the company’s original body measurement suit has reached 1 million orders. Moreover, the company has resolved its production issues by improving functions of the ZOZOSUIT, which has enabled mass production. Therefore, delivery delays are expected to improve significantly. In addition, by distributing the ZOZOSUIT to customers who made a purchase on ZOZOTOWN, hand outs and collaborating with companies, Start Today plans to deliver 6 million ~ 10 million suits for free, within the year.

The new promotion video of the improved ZOZOSUIT has been released as well.


The New Promotion Video of the ZOZOSUIT



The improved “ZOZOSUIT”:

The "ZOZOSUIT" now has a full body marker recognition system, which consists of 300 ~ 400 markers versus the previous one that had a stretchable sensor system. This body measurement suit is powered by new technology that enables precise measurements, by photographing the dot markers that cover the entire suit from a 360 degree angle with your smartphone camera. The improvement will enable mass production and resolve delivery delays, as well as significantly reducing production costs. Due to this update, the ZOZOSUIT can be distributed for free to even more customers. In addition, customers can enjoy a new experience of the VUI (Voice User Interface) function, and avoid issues regarding Bluetooth connection or sensor failures. On top of this, there is no need to worry about the battery cutting off – in fact, it’s washable.



Future Expansions of the Private Brand “ZOZO”


The private brand “ZOZO” will promote machine learning of the relationships between our customers’ body sizes and each apparel item, in order to incorporate designs and patterns that will help further improve the quality of product development in terms of designs and ideas. In addition, in order to be able to produce what we like as quickly and cheaply as possible, we will consider investing in the most up to date mechanical equipment in order to proceed IT automation for production. By applying these improvements, we plan to increase the collection to 10 ~ 20 pieces per month. In addition to our current items, the “Crew Neck T shirt” and the “Slim Tapered Denim Pant”, we plan on beginning sales of “Casual Shirt”, “Straight Denim Pant” and “Skinny Denim Pant” from June, and business shirts and a suit in the near future.


Moreover, the private brand “ZOZO” will be available for purchase from early July in 72 countries.

Start Today will work towards achieving its sales target of 20 billion yen within the first year (2 billion yen of overseas sales), 80 billion yen for the second year (20 billion yen of overseas sales), and 200 billion yen (80 billion yen of overseas sales) for the third year target.



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