May 1, 2018

Start Today Announces its First Medium-Term Management Plan Towards Global Expansion. The Company Aims to Reach a Market Value of 5 Trillion Yen Within the Next 10 Years.

〜 Striving to achieve the plan by introducing the “3 revolutions” of “Buying”, “Choosing” and “Producing” clothing 〜


The largest Japanese online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN” operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city) values its company philosophy, “Make the world a better place, Bring smiles to the world”. In order to achieve this, the company will work towards resolving the common “size issue”of fashion among 7 million people, which is the “size issue”, by expanding globally over the next 10 years. The goal is to become number 1 globally as an online SPA of the private brand “ZOZO”, and to rank in the top 10 of global apparel brands. In addition, the company aims to achieve its target of 5 trillion yen in market capitalization within the next 10 years.


The company has announced its 3 year medium-term management plan on April 27th Friday, which is crucial when

developing a solid business foundation. In order to develop a strong foundation for global expansion, the company will further grow its current businesses as well as increasing sales of the private brand “ZOZO”, not only domestically but by increasing the global sales ratio by 40%, and to 80% in the next 10 years.


The Medium-Term Management Plan

  2018 2019 2020
Transaction Value (ZOZOTOWN Businesses+BtoB Businesses) 340 billion yen 428 billion yen 515 billion yen
Transaction Value (Net Sales)of the Private Brand “ZOZO” 20 billion yen 80 billion yen 200 billion yen
Operating Profit 40 billion yen 58 billion yen  90 billion yen


The “3 Revolutions” for Achieving the “3 Year Medium-Term Management Plan”


Start Today will expedite the “3 revolutions” of clothing, in order to achieve the “3 year medium-term management plan”


1, Revolution of “Buying” clothing

We will improve the current “ZOZOTOWN” services, where products of 6,400 brands can be searched and purchased and delivered by the next day. We plan on brushing up services in order to provide a more user-friendly shopping website, and to continuesly grow a steady business.


2, Revolution of “Choosing” clothing

We are eager to further expand services such as, perect items selected by an AI, head to toe outfits styled by our “Personal Styling Subscription Service” fashion advising staff, and the “My Size Search” which is an easy way to search for clothing that will fit you perfectly, based on the body measurement data from the “ZOZOSUIT”. The goal is to provide customers a new shopping experience by suggesting a suitable fit without having them try on clothing or to worry about the size, and to automatically deliver these items.


3, Revolution of “Producing” clothing

The perfect fitted clothing will be produced on demand as soon as oeders are placed, and then delivered within the next few days. We will create a new distribution flow of “ZOZOSUIT → On demand production → Private brand ZOZO”.


The 3 Strategies” to Accelerate the“3 Revolutions”


We will proceed to acquire resources such as funds, technology and inventions with the 3 strategies listed below, in order to achieve the “3 revolutions”.


1, Reinforcement of BtoB businesses

BtoB businesses, supporting business of EC websites of apparel brands will be reinforced. ZOZOTOWN will become a business that can provide original promotion functions, payment methods and store solutions in the hope of supporting the entire fashion industry.


2, Begin advertising businesses

The company will begin its first advertising business by creating advertising space on ZOZOTOWN and WEAR. The first year sales target is 3 billion yen, 5 billion yen for the second year and 10 billion yen for the third year.


3, Start Today Research

Start Today Research will promote the 3 researches listed below.


The research of “Clothing Production”:

General fields of research regarding the production of clothing,

such as Auto design, new materials, new production line and so on.


The research of “What looks good on you”:

Research of recommendation algorithm such as “what would look

good on me?”, or “what is the best outfit for me?”


The research of “Size”:

Technical research on human body measurements which can

contribute to the evolution of the ZOZOSUIT.



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