February 15, 2018

START TODAY is now hiring “At Home ZOZO Sales Advisors”

~ Advisors can earn 600 yen per styled outfit, and there is a performance compensation according to the number of sales ~


The largest Japanese online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN” (http://zozo.jp/) operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city) is now hiring “At home ZOZO sales advisors” for the newly launched “Personal styling subscription service” from all over Japan, who can work remotely from their homes, starting today.


The job role of the “at home ZOZO sales advisor” is to put together a perfect head to toe outfit for each customer, choosing from half a million apparel items offered on ZOZOTOWN. The ZOZO sales staff will pick items that are suitable for each customer through the admin page on the Web screen, and create a simple letter with ideas of outfits and styling advice. Since every operation can be handled online, the ZOZO sales staff can work remotely from their homes at any convenient hour. Advisors can earn 600 yen per styled outfit, and there is a performance compensation according to the number of sales.


In relation to the business expansion of the fashion EC market and the decrease in the number of brick and mortar, in addition to the decrease of store staff due to the automation of store operations, we have created a new employment opportunity of “creating head to toe outfits online”, in order to contribute to the enhancement of the apparel industry.


“At Home ZOZO Sales Advisors” recruitment page URL: https://www.starttoday.jp/recruit/salesstaff/


About the “Personal Styling Subscription Service”

The “Personal Styling Subscription Service” is a service that customers can subscribed by answering a simple survey when registering to the service. ZOZOTOWN’s experienced fashion advisors will put together a head to toe outfit for you on a regular* basis.

*Customers can pick from a one month, two month or three month subscription.

Customers can purchase whatever they like from the five to ten items that will be delivered on a regular basis, and can also return whatever they do not want for free of charge. The “Personal styling subscription service” is also provided for free, therefore, customers will be charged for shipping only.

* The “Personal styling subscription service” can only be paid by credit card. After the returned items arrive to us, the total payment and shipping costs will be charged to the customer’s credit card.


Example of the Personal Styling Subscription Service” letter






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