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START TODAY launches its new project research team to scientifically define and predict fashion, “START TODAY Research”.

The largest Japanese online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN” ( operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city) has launched its new project research team “Start Today Research” today, January 31st Wednesday.


【Start Today Research Mission Statement】


In theory, there is most likely something similar to a golden ratio that can make a certain outfit or style great – beautiful, cool, edgy, chic, cute, etc. We believe that this ratio can be quantified. Moreover, this ratio is deeply related to our size, bone structure, skin tone and so on. However, no one has yet been able to identify or quantify this equation of fashion. 


Our goal is to prove that there is in fact a fashion equation. By reconsidering the relationship between people and fashion from many different angles, and applying our very own tremendous amount of fashion related data we have captured over the years, which perhaps no one else in the entire world has access to, in addition to the new body data that we will gain in the future, we aim to scientifically prove the ambiguous, captivating and complex factors that makes fashion cool, cute and beautiful.


【The information asset of Start Today Group】

・Over a 100 million cases of purchase data

・Approximately 30 million official brand product data (item images, item, category, SKU and material information, etc.)

・Approximately 10 million outfits / styling data (styling images, product and tag information, etc.)

・Approximately 23 million user information (attributes, order history, purchased items, view history, search history, favorite items, favorite outfits / stylings, favorite shops, etc.)

・Approximately 20 thousand brand information.

・Approximately 50 thousand registered shop information

・Raking information based on category

・Approximately 30 million logistics related data (annual)

・Related data to customer support service

・Body measurement data that will be gained in the future from the “ZOZOSUIT”

*We will not use any data that could be used to identify a specific individual.


In addition, Start Today Research is recruiting researchers / engineers who can agree and relate to our mission statement, and who are experts in at least one of the fields listed below.

If you are interested, please contact us from our website.


Machine learning / AI (Artificial intelligence)/ Encryption technology / Information geometry / Pattern recognition, Pattern classification / Relational data, Big data / Optimization theory / Conductive fibers / Materials such as plastic and silicon / Viscous fluid dynamics / CV(AR, VR, MR, etc.) / Electronic circuit (Analog circuit, ASIC, FPGA etc.)/ Robotics, Control Engineering, Communications Engineering, etc.





【The visual symbol of Start Today Research】


The symbol of Start Today is the earth, and for Start Today Research we have selected the moon. This is because the moon(=Start Today Research)is the closest celestial body to earth, and it’s always reflecting the light of the sun. Moreover, the moon also symbolizes a new stage for Start Today.

Humans have researched the moon for decades, and as a symbol that has been admired for generations, we believe that the moon is the perfect motif to express our hope for our research to reach a new stage.









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