August 23, 2017

The first attempt in the EC industry - Customers of ZOZOTOWN can now choose to receive their orders from their PUDO STATION*, at the timing of their purchase.

*PUDO STATION: YAMATO TRANSPORT’s service of providing an open locker to receive and keep their customers packages. Customers will be able to pick up their deliveries at any convenient time.

The online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN” ( operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, headquarters in Chiba city) will launch a tie-up service with YAMATO TRANSPORT CO., LTD (CEO Yutaka Nagao, headquarters in in Tokyo city), where ZOZOTOWN customers will be able to choose to receive their orders in the “PUDO STATION”*, an open locker, at the timing of their purchase. This service will launch on August 23rd, 2017. It will be the first attempt within the EC industry where customers can choose to receive their orders in a locker. 

The story behind the launch of this service is based on the voices of ZOZOTOWN users. Many users expressed the inconvenience of having to request a re-delivery of their orders, and many users showed interest in wanting to pick-up their packages at a locker, at any given time. By implementing this new service, customers will not only be able to pick-up their packages at convenient stores and Yamato Transport offices, but can also choose to use an open locker. This will allow customers to be able to pick-up their packages at any available time, at any desired location.

Start Today values the voices of our customers, and is eager to improve all ZOZOTOWN services for our current and future customers.

Overview of the Locker receiving services

Launch: August 23rd, 2017

Target users: All of ZOZOTOWN’s registered members (*Except guest users)

All customers with membership to ZOZOTOWN.

How to use this service:

  1. Select a suitable pick-up locker based on your order history or zip code, under “Delivery Address” on the purchase page.
  2. Yamato Transport (e-mail: will send a “Delivery Complete“ e-mail to the customer when Yamato transport has received and placed the delivered package into the locker.
  3. Please confirm the content of the “Delivery Complete” e-mail and pick-up your package at your selected locker by the noted pick-up date.


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