April 4, 2017

ZOZOTOWN designs and produces the crew uniforms for the ZOZO Marine Stadium.

The online fashion EC website “ZOZOTOWN” has designed and produced the crew unfirms for the ZOZO Marine stadium. The design of the ZOZO Marine Stadium crew uniform has been produced by a ZOZOTOWN in-house designer, Atsushi Satou. This will be his second design since 2015. The uniforms will be presented at today’s (April 4th) home game of Chiba Lotte Marines VS Hokkaido Nihon Ham Fighters.

Details regarding the ZOZO Marine stadium crew uniform

Day of release: April 4th, 2017.

Types of designs: Sailor clothes (White), Sailor clothes (Black), Cover-all, Apron, Rain coat, Wind Breaker etc.,

Venue guiding crew: Sailor clothes (White) *Male: Short pants, Female: Gaucho pants

Customer center crew: Sailor clothes (Black)*Male: Short pants, Female: Gaucho pants

Cleaning crew: Cover-all

Food and beverage crew: Apron

Regarding the designs: The theme is “Sailor”, with a black and white simply designed uniform. There are two lines in correspondents to the ZOZO Marine Stadium. The logo of ZOZO Marine Stadium is printed on the hats and on the left arm, along with the logo “ZOZOMARINE STADIUM CREW”.

Purchase: Purchase is not available to the public.


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