Press Release

A New group company , “Start Today Engineering Co.LTD” has been established. ~ A new group within the company which will employ 100 engineers and designers ~

December 1, 2015

Press Release

A New group company , “Start Today Engineering Co.LTD” has been established. ~ A new group within the company which will employ 100 engineers and designers ~

“Yappa corporation” has been renamed to “Start Today Engineering.Co.Ltd” on December 1st, 2015. Start Today Engineering will be in charge of system development, WEB designing, and CRM. The headquarters will be located in Tokyo (Aoyama), and the company is planning to recruit 50 new engineers for the purpose of developing a team for new research / system development, in addition to strengthening new service developments. By gathering engineering skills / functions into one company, Start Today aims to productively promote the system development of ZOZOTOWN and WEAR. In addition, by sharing knowledge and experiences between both companies, Start Today hopes to further improve the skills of our engineers and designers.

The company name “Start Today Engineering” was named from the hope of wanting our engineers and designers to have a professional work ethic, and to continue to self-improve. Therefore, we have included the word “Engineering” into the company name. From here on, we plan on growing Strat Today by greatly investing in the recruitment and education of employees who specialize in technology. The CEO of Start Today Engineering is Masahiro Ito, former CEO of Yappa, and Start Today’s current CTO, Mineki Ookura will be the CTO of Start Today Engineering as well.

Comment by CEO, Masahiro Ito:

Start Today Engineering has gathered employees with high-leveled development skills, designing and analytical skills, who will be immediate assets contributing to various projects running in the Start Today group. In addition to our involvement in current projects, we promise to put more effort into development research, in the hopes of becoming a greater support to the business development of the fashion industry.

Comment by CTO, Mineki Okura:

Start Today Engineering will be flexibly managed by our professionals of design, builders and plasters, in order to meet the expectations of our customers, just like an actual engineering company. Our professionals will keep on improving themselves to provide a helpful, user-friendly and timeless system.

Recruitment at Start Today Engineering:

We plan on recruiting engineers not only for the development of new services and the WEB, but also for the research and development of drones, wearable devices and the incorporation of IoT. In specific, we plan on recruiting 50 engineers within the quarter. If you are interested, please refer to our recruitment page for further details.

Available positions:

Please refer to our recruitment page.

Recruitment page:

Overview of Start Today Engineering:

Company name: START TODAY Engineering CO.,LTD.

CEO: Masahiro Ito, CTO: Mineki Ookura

Business: System development, WEB designing and CRM, etc.,

Location of headquarters: Tokyo, Shibuya-ku, Jingumae 5-52-2, Aoyama Oobaru building 3F, (zip code)150-0001

Capital: 2 billion 8 thousand yen



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