Press Release

WEAR launches its services in China~ Over 2 million posts of outfits in 26 countries all over the world, including China ~

January 26, 2015

Press Release

WEAR launches its services in China~ Over 2 million posts of outfits in 26 countries all over the world, including China ~

The online fashion website “ZOZOTOWN” ( operated by Start Today Co., Ltd. (CEO Yusaku Maezawa, Headquarters in Chiba city) has launched the fashion styling app “WEAR” in china on January 26th. WEAR is available in 26 countries all over the world, now including China, and there are over 2 million posts of stylings / outfits on WEAR.

Since there is a big population of smart phone / SNS users in China, and the infrastructure was already prepared, in addition to the feedback we have received from launching our services in other Chinese regions (Taiwan and Hong Kong), we have decided to launch WEAR services in mainland China. WEAR users in China can enjoy the same contents just as our Japanese users; the Coordinating recipe function, the My closet function, the SNS function and the recommend function.

In addition to the WEAR of launch in China, more than 40 celebrities known for their sense of style, as well as their strong influence on the fashion industry, such as angelababy (4,980 thousand followers on weibo(*2)) and Dada chan (213 thousand followers on weibo(*2)) will join WEAR as WEARISTAs (*1).

(*1)Celebrities known for their sense of fashion and influence in the fashion industry, such as models, designers, bloggers who are official trend setters / fashion leaders on WEAR are called WEARISTAs.

(*2) weibo is China’s largest SNS with over 4 million users. The service is provided for free, Japanese is available as well.

WEAR users can cross-search stylings / outfits posted from over 26 countries and communities, therefore WEAR is a global outlet where users can express their fashion to other users all over the world. By sharing ideas of styling and fashion on WEAR, Start Today hopes to connect the world through even a single piece of clothing – “WEAR FOR CONNECTION”, in order to provide more excitement to our fashion-loving customers.

Overview of service

Name of service: WEAR

Launch date: January 26th, 2015

PC website URL (China):

Price of App: Free

Participants: WEARISTA Actress: Angelababy, Actress / Model: Dada Chan, etc., over 40 celebrities

WEAR is a fashion service App where users can explore and enjoy ideas of outfits / stylings posted from 26 countries / communities. Users can access more than 2 million outfits / stylings of charismatic shop staff to regular users, models, bloggers and designers with a sense in fashion. Users can search by an item name or a key-word. In addition, there are unique functions on the app such as the “My closet function”, where users can save their personal fashion items on the app, the “SNS function” where users can connect with other users who also love fashion, and the “Recommendation function”, where users can share and recommend other users’ outfits / stylings.

Overview of WEAR

Name of service: Fashion outfit / styling app “WEAR”

Date of launce October 31st, 2013

Price of app: Free

Number of down loads of the WEAR app: 4 million downloads

Number of posts: Over 2 million posts (As of January 26th)

Basic functions: The “Coordinate recipe function”, the “My closet function”, the “SNS function” and the “Recommendation function”

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