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HIROSE Fuminori


HIROSE Fuminori

Director, COO

When I was a rookie by HIROSE Takafumi - “Not bound by a banker-ness.”

- Tell us your early career and your rookie moments.

I would say I was a twisted person.

When I started my career as a banker, I dressed myself in such a pink shirt and gray suit, not in a classic white shirt and navy suit. I tried to make myself look no ordinary.

Not to mention I worked hard, but I was not comfortable following “standards” or “stereotypes” of being bankers. My boss was not so happy about my attitude but I stuck to my style.

Four years of my experience as a banker built the fundamentals for me to be a professional. Especially the past my third year, I was strictly lectured about what it really means to be a professional.

My boss of the time was the kind of person who trained us with a fewer steps but guided us to think more spontaneously. As if “Spare the rod and spoil the child.”

Because of these experiences, I have always put my priority on quality in any work, to present.

- Tell us your motto in work gained through your career.

“Communication” is my motto.

As the company has grown, the number of staff I manage has increased as well since I joined ZOZO. And so there will be less opportunities to communicate with staff but there will be no successful management without reflecting the voices of staff.

Communication is also essential to build a reliable partnership as we collaborate with numerous brands. To maximize the benefits and profits for each other and deliver smiles to our customers, we always have to convey the brands our vision, and have them to fully understand it.

We have overcome a lot of challenges through communications, and will be creating the world we are dreaming of in the same way. Up until now, and from now on too.

Pursuit of unexplored scenery - “Listed with First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange from Mothers.”

- Tell us your unforgettable day at ZOZO

The project to be listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange from Mothers, left a strong impression on me. (*currently ZOZO is listed on the Prime Market.)

I felt so fulfilled when we finally made it after a lot of hard work..

I love ZOZO and I would never leave here before I am certain that I fulfilled all of my duties at ZOZO. I have spent all my time pursuing unexplored scenery together with our beloved staff. And its process and hard work are such worthy assets for me.

To Make ZOZOTOWN Made for You

- How would you envision ZOZO in 10 years?

I wish ZOZO will stay as it is now, delivering joy and pleasure to our customers. But the way ZOZO achieves it may change.

Currently, ZOZOTOWN offers not only fashion but a variety of products including cosmetics, and it will be expanding even more.
Furthermore, we are thinking of developing the service, to recommend items perfectly fit for each one of customers. So it will not only be the place customers buy what they desire.

I think the way I can contribute to realizing this, is that I play a role as a bridge and work cross-functionally in the company.

I am not the person who comes up with outstanding and extraordinary ideas, so I would leave this role to our creative staff, full of rich imagination. I will play a role that steadily helps the company’s growth.

- In 2022, ZOZO added the statement “Explore your style. Make you delighted.” to its strategy. How do you describe “style” in your words?

It may be something that gives you comfort. And something people find nice on you. Fashion that meets these two may be the style I think.

In my case, I am not so loyal to any particular brands but mostly I wear something from the brands we work with. Each brand has different aesthetics but I enjoy them all and I dress myself in those different styles. I am always excited when I am shopping and come across items that I feel chemistry with.

And it delights me even more, when the staff says that I look good in those. Fashion is versatile and there are a dozen of styles you can choose from, but it may be meant to be a real “style” when you get compliments from the people around you.

I am thankful for my colleagues always supporting me.

- Tell us your essential piece for work.

It’s a backpack from BRIEFING, which my team member gave me as a gift to celebrate my promotion to the director position.

He seems happier than I was for my promotion, and it impressed me more than anything.

I have spent pretty much everyday with this backpack. And this reminds me of the fact that I am standing here, by virtue of a lot of support all the way up until now.