ZOZO Apparel USA


ZOZO APPAREL USA, Inc. is a subsidiary of ZOZO, Inc., which owns and operates multiple technology services including the Japanese e-commerce destination, ZOZOTOWN, and a suite of measurement technologies including the ZOZOSUIT, ZOZOMAT, and ZOZOGLASS. ZOZO APPAREL USA, Inc. operates ZOZOFIT, an at-home 3D body measurement system, which is available for purchase in the United States. ZOZO, Inc. has teams in the USA, Japan, New Zealand, Thailand and Singapore. For more information on ZOZO, Inc. and its measurement technologies, please visit our corporate website. For inquiries regarding ZOZOFIT, please contact us.


ZOZOFIT is a new body management service that enables easy, highly accurate 3D body scans to be captured at gyms and homes, as well as the tracking and comparing of measurement data over time. This service supports individuals with tracking their fitness, weight loss and body transformation progress by leveraging the ZOZOSUIT for 3D body measuring.


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